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"Et tu Brute?" [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 11:02 AM
So a little back story on this: I have two friends Joe, and Max, and they were best friends. Joe had been dating this girl Emily for two years. One year previous he had cheated on her. Eventually Max betrayed Joe and told her about joes unfaithfulness. The events that transpired reminded me of the tragedy of Julius Caesar. So here goes:

Julius sat in his darkest hour,
With guilt on his mind, and regret in his heart,
A love so strong, has now gone sour. 
What he did was wrong, he knows it, 
But was not he who told her. 
Lost, searching for the traitor, 
Many knew, though few cared,
Only two knew who told; Marcus, his closest friend, and Her.  
Fingers were pointed, blames were lain,
Eventually he moved on,
He numbed the pain. 
Still sick with his loss,
 he found someone new,
But the truth came out,
All too soon. 
The first cut:
T'was Marcus who told!
A move so bold, with unknown motive,
Sold out for what?
The Coup De Grâce:
Marcus defiled her!
His final move to push Julius to the brink,
But for what? 
One night of "fun" burned Marcus's strongest bridges. 
Julius was left to look into the face of one he once called friend and ask; "Et tu Brute?"
Mighty Caesar, has fallen.


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