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My Friend The Butterfly [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 12:48 AM
No idea if I an posting correctly. This is an absolutely true story from many years ago. The event so impressed me as I watched it unfold that I personally went and "captured" the butterfly depicted and kept it a few days as a pet or more likely as a life lesson teacher. Then I took him back where I found him on a very calm day and released him. I have many times wondered if there is any possibility there was even the smallest degree of consciousness or awareness that I had helped protect it. Of course it could not comprehend that it taught me a great deal about life in just a few moments in time, but it will always be a true hero to me in a very literal sense.

My Friend or The Saga of The Butterfly

The wind can be so cold,
It can turn your life around.
I have never seen its form,
But I know it by its sound.

I have heard it as it goes
From darkness into black.
Whimpers, whispers it has borne,
Needing no thing that it lacks.

Now, in the tempest raging,
A frightened butterfly.
The battle now engaging,
My friend will surely lose its life.

As the battle grows intense,
It will surely not survive.
See it fold its wings, relent,
Close its eyes…… and wait to die.

But in release it learns
Unseen Hands do not delay.
This precious life is simply turned
To go the other way…

I know He hears our praying
As we trudge from day to day.
And I think He’s sometimes saying
We should go the other way!

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 12:54 AM
Very sweet. Engaging imagery all throughout. Enjoyed this one a lot, thanks for the posting. S&F!


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