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The Anxiety Fear Factor

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 07:40 PM
All of us in life experience fears on one form or another and it is characterised by feelings of anxiety, apprehension, phobias, startled and sheer panic. In its worse form it can paralysis a persons ability to function efficiently.

Fear of course is considered to be controlled by the primal mind as this was an important survival motivator for the original humans on earth, typified by cave dwellers of ancient past.

Since its inception in the cave mind the root of fear appears to of grown like a tree and growing separate branches of personality.

And what are these personalities?...

One of these is Compulsive anxiety disorder where an indvidual is compelled to do things as if controlled by some external force. For example a person may not be able to turn left when walking and can only instead turn right when walking.

That was one not so well known example. A more common example may be need for gambling, such as playing Poker machines, betting on horses. Mabey even Day trading on the stock market falls into this category as well.

Well i will leave the examples there as im sure persons posting replies may like to throw in their own opinions and examples; of the psycological phenomenon know as Compulsive anxiety disorder. Possibly also some people may even want to share their own experiences.

On a final word i dont consider behaviours borne out of compulsive anxiety disorder are to be laughed at. People should should exercise tolerance, empathy and understanding when encountering individuals who display such mannerisms associated with this phenomenon.

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