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The Last Conspiracy [CTPWC]

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 05:58 PM
My father was really curious about 2012 and the fashionable Mayan Calendar that was supposed to predict the End of Days. Have you ever heard of it? Personally I doubt that it was ever relevant or even proven beyond a doubt not to be a fake.
I don't think he thought anything would come of it but he was the curious sort and had a healthy respect for the mysterious. I suppose he could have been classified as rational skeptic.

Tragically my father died early in 2011 after succumbing to a number of vicious running battles of health that seemed to characterise his last months of life during his battle with cancer and chemo.
He fought a war on two fronts and could never win. Sentenced to 9 months of life, he was duly executed on the appointed date. Despite faith. Despite love. Despite helplessness and rage.

Given the fact that he was actually doing well enough the previous night to be sent for a new and intensive round of chemo, and then suddenly lapsed into a state that I can best describe as "lucid catatonia", makes me wonder:
(you know about my conspiracy theories right? One of them is how the cancer cure has been found many times, but this knowledge has been suppressed because of the whole Medical Industry cover-up. Profits, you see.)

Anyhow, they announced a cure for most forms on cancer in April 2012. Big headlines, talks about Nobel Prizes, Knighthoods... then there was a little flurry of interest in the media by a series of booms and tremors in a small town in the US. A week or two passed. And then nothing more was heard.
Ironic? Cynical? Doesn't really matter now, does it?

I don't really think my Dad was still in his body by the time his ravaged body gave up at half-past four on a pleasantly warm Wednesday afternoon.
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