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Calderone's War on Cartels Leaves Countless Corpses

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posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 10:45 AM

Mexico • 24,102 people: the equivalent of half a football stadium or a medium-sized town is the approximate number of bodies that have gone to the grave at the end of the current administration. And most importantly, it is a highly conservative estimate.

A collection of shoddy record keeping, corrupt officials who dont want to look bad and policies of not counting John/Jane Does means this number is low. Very low.

The state has gone so far as to say if the people knew the truth the state would fall:

With respect to Veracruz, the argument went thus far: they literally said that the permanence of government, its institutions and to the territorial integrity of the state "would be at risk" to be known such data, in addition it would "invade privacy" of the unknown corpses.

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