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12-21-2012 Does not Matter! Every day is the same!

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 08:17 PM
I think there are a number of ways to interpret many things, but there is only one way that is actually the truth. It really does not matter why these things happen or what we are told, the fact we exist is the only absolute. I believe that we are all recycled energy along with the rest of the universe.

The time is coming that we will be given the opportunity to reunite ourselves to the truth. Being pure energy does not confine us to this dimension, we chose to be here. The reason is for us to learn there is something greater than ourselves. It is our collective consciousness, through a greater vibratory energy, that will allow us to overcome the negative forces and ascend to where we came from. It is not about spiritual or religious aspects. It is about true love. Love is the reason we exist, however, there have been many times we have failed to learn this lesson. As a society we have allowed ourselves to be controlled by greed and all aspects of greed.

Until we understand that all energy is connected and equal, we will continue to fail. Equal, in that we are from the same source, but we have different vibrations. I believe, the majority of souls on this planet right now are average 3 vibratory and account for the reason why Earth is at this juncture, spiritually. There will need to be a cleansing for this reason, but it is not the only reason. Treating each other based on the color of skin or religious beliefs doesn’t resonate well.

The pyramids were built for a reason. I believe they harness energy and we have this knowledge, but it is hidden from us. The age of the pyramids are far older than we think or have been taught. One thing is certain, they were not built by any civilization alive today. If we are recycled energy, it stands to reason that there are those souls here now that did join in the creation of many of these ancient sights and are quite aware of how and why they exist. When the time comes, this will be revealed.

We have knowledge of the solar system and surrounding galaxies. They are energy that we have no control over. We can be prepared for whatever changes the Earth has coming by having true love for one another. Rather than creating more man made destruction or fighting over the translation of the Mayan calendar. It is not about the Mayan calendar or any other prophecies, it is about making a choice to live by a code of true love for your fellow souls/energy.

Much Love to all.

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 09:38 PM

Might find this interesting, too.


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