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I have no problem characterizing these corporate-centric super-PACs as treasonous

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:50 PM

American democracy is under assault.

In one super-PAC alone, Karl Rove and the Enron grifter Ed Gillespie, have assembled $200 million from big polluters and Wall Street moguls to buy the 2012 election.

Two of the Koch Brothers, Charles and David, pledged $130 million to elect candidates who favor unrestrained corporate profiteering. The senators and congressmen they fund and elect are not representing the United States—they are representing Koch and its oil industry cronies, Big Pharma, and the Wall Street banksters currently mounting a hostile takeover of our government.

I'm posting this opinion piece by RFK Jr for one reason, and one reason only; with one week until election time, please think long & hard about your vote.

The most corporate-friendly Supreme Court since the Gilded Age had declared in its notorious Citizens United decision that corporations are people and that money is speech. Those who have the most money now have the loudest voices in our democracy while poor Americans are mute.

And the money is talking; in 97 percent of federal elections over the past two decades, the best-funded candidates were victorious

Those voting for Romney, I want you to think beyond his version of "hope & change" - what do you really hope he will do in the White House?

Obama supporters, if Romney wins, should you characterize his presidency as a "hostile takeover" of the US government?

Read the source:

The only conspiracy that scares me (hacked electronic voting machines in 2004, a scary, true story where the bodies build up):

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 06:15 PM
I like that. It is definitely hostile. Hostile takeover fits well. Corporate America soon to own by Taco Bell. (movie gaff)

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