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Happy Halloween! More Ghost Stories

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 09:50 AM
Theta Chi House at Ohio University

Happy Halloween everyone! I meant to post this with my other haunted Ohio University threads, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. The Theta Chi house is another haunted location on the Ohio University campus. As a member of the fraternity, I lived in the house for 3 years while attending Ohio University. I would like to share some of the ghost stories and strange things that occurred at the house while I was there and told to me by some alumni. Enjoy.
Not sure when the house was built, but the fraternity has been there since the 1920’s. Before that, it was once the house of Mayor Wagner and his family. The story goes that the mayor’s son, Thomas Wagner, died of pneumonia in a second floor room which is now known as “The President’s Room”. There is a room on the third floor of the house that has a closet with exposed roof beams. On one of the beams is the signature of Tom Wagner and two others which we presume were his sisters. They dated their signatures which I believe was early 1900’s. Because of this story, anything strange that would happen in the house was always attributed to “Tom”.
There are also stories of a ghost dressed in a civil war uniform and a ghost by the name of Kingston Moat. I asked some older alumni and here are a couple short comments I got:
“One winter me and Danny was at the house and I ran out on a beer run. He said when I got back he was coming out of the bathroom on the 2nd floor and one of our brothers was at the bottom of the steps. He asked who he was and he said he lived there a long time ago. Before Danny could say anything else, the person appeared to go into another room. I asked Danny what he looked like and he said he was dressed in a very old outfit like a military outfit. I told Danny it must have been the ghost and he did not believe me at first. Then he said come to think of it, he did appear to be ghostly and wore a civil war uniform. We went up town to drink after that.”
“Kingston Moat is also a ghost roaming the house. Story is he was a brother who gave his life in WW2”

The President’s Room
Those that lived in this room always had strange things happening. The door rattling, light switch turning on and off, shadows and objects being moved around the room. One brother had his alarm clock sitting on the fireplace mantle only to have it go off in the morning plugged in on the opposite side of the room. This happened to him several times.

3rd Floor
I lived on the third floor for 2 years. I would occasionally wake up with the feeling that someone was in my room. Sometimes I could make out a dark figure at the foot of my bed (admittedly could have been imagination). Sometimes I would here movement in the room next to mine only to find I was the only one on that floor. One morning I went into my closet and noticed all of my CD’s were out of their shelf and neatly stacked in 4 columns on the floor.

Main Floor
During the winter break, some brothers would stay in the house. One winter 2 brothers were there alone. One late night, they decided to cook some pizzas in the kitchen. They put the pizzas in and went back up to the second floor to watch a movie. Hours later, one of the guys woke up and realized they had fallen asleep leaving the pizzas to burn in the oven. He could smell the pizzas coming from downstairs. He rushed down and found the 2 pizzas out of the oven sitting on the counter. The oven was turned off. All the exterior doors of the house were locked for the night. They had no explanation.
There were also many instances of doors slamming shut and other strange noises on the main floor. One of the few times I was in the house alone, I heard what sounded like movement in the room above me. Thinking that somebody else was in the house, I went up to say hi. After searching every room on the 2nd and 3rd floors, I realized I was alone.

In the late 50’s, some bedrooms were built in the basement of the house. When I was there, the rooms were no longer being used because of fire codes. One brother decide he was going to clean out one of the rooms and use it anyways. This guy was raised on a farm and was a “no nonsense” kind of person. I came down from class one morning and noticed he was sleeping on a couch on the main floor. I asked him why he wasn’t sleeping in his room in the basement and he was reluctant to say why. He said he awoke to Bailey, the dog of the house, scratching at the bedroom door and whining. It was then that he noticed immense pressure on his chest, as though someone was pushing down on him. He said he couldn’t move for about 5-10 minutes. He finally “snapped out of it” and got up to let Bailey out of the room. He also noticed how much colder it was in his room compared to the rest of the basement. In fact, he said when he went back into the room he could see his breath. That was it. He gathered his things and headed upstairs. He never stayed down there again.

Thanks for reading my stories and if you get the chance, take a look at my other threads dealing with Haunted Athens, Ohio.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 10:38 AM
I enjoyed this thread and your others,keep up the good work.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by glen200376
I enjoyed this thread and your others,keep up the good work.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it. Spread the word if you can. I'm trying to bring a little recognition to this great town and area surrounding it.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 12:01 PM
reply to post by jtrenthacker

I'm sure this thread will get a lot busier soon.It is Halloween after all.
Hang in there mate.

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