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A real place? Secret base?

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 09:26 AM
I had an awesome dream the other night! I woke up and I had a a great urge to draw what I seen but I'm not really good with perspective. Will anyone try to draw this?

In my dream I felt like I was with my late brother (RIP) and we were looking around at a really cool comic book shop and I asked him if we can go see an conspiracy place. Next thing I know we are walking down this slopping corridor and there was military guards in the corridor walking and toward the end was a room with eye washers and lab shower heads and factory like sinks where people were in rubber or tyvec suits. The room was all in small 1 inch tile like an old bathroom. Then we get to the end and it opened up to a huge room (all concrete). We were obviously underground and in te center was a pool maybe Olympic size but not for swimming. The room was very tall and to the left was plexiglass panels rectangle in shape about 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. There was straps across the center and there was maybe 3 feet between each going up. All of a sudden the chamber starting fill with water. I mean the chamber behind the glass panels and it was so fast like something I never seen before. I got super scared like it was gonna blow and when it got up 17 panels or so water splashed off the top. All I could think was they were testing something very powerful. Off to the left was a completey plexiglass box like 32 feet wide x 24 feet deep x 24 feet in length.

I told my gf about it and she asked what did I eat or watch before bed but there was nothing I could think of. I watch a few ghost shows on the tube and they seem to say your dreams can be affected by people who past that want to talk to you or show you stuff. What do you think?

I feel it's a real place and I was able to astral project.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 11:31 AM
Oddly enough, it sounds a lot like some facility for a research reactor of some sort or other. Water makes pretty good shielding, and a clean room is something you might have when you don't want anything unintentionally leaving the place "hot". Likewise there are some experiments you don't want conaminated from anything outside either. (Nuclear chemistry stuff. Don't want foreign stuff that could throw off your decay product analysis or whatever.) You could try doing research on that subject and see if you find something close. (There are lots of these kind of labs, so narrowing it down would be difficult.) If you happened to remember anything about lab workers being particular about wearing film badges or clipping a small pen-sized canister onto themselves (dosimetry), that would be another clue that it would be nuclear related.

Now if it's not nuclear reactor stuff, it could also be something like this...
That's the only other thing I could think of with a big pool with labs and heavy equipment.

Good luck on that.


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