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An outsiders view.

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:18 AM
just an outsiders view. please dont take offence at someone sticking their nose into another country.

just watching the international coverage of the hurricane.

cnn reporting that obama is going to tour nj with chris christie. my opinion......expect pics of obama, not in a suit, but in suit like pants with a open collar shirt and a potus wind cheater. what does this tell me ???...he looks like he is dressed for action and ready to get in there and do some hard labour. i would expect romney to do the same at some stage.

apparently the ny mayor asked him to stay away. my opinion...either they dont like each other, or the mayor is basically saying "stay away...we have a crisis here and i dont have time to ride around in a motorcade with you getting out and looking all g.i joe and ready to fix the problems in front of the media.

romney on the other hand is in a lose/lose situation. damned if he does...damned if he doesnt. he would feel he has to go if obama does.

speaking from experience...i have been in an area that was devestated by bushfires with no electricity annoyed me that the helicopters etc flying overhead were politicians and media following them and not emergency services dropping of some bloody sandwiches or something. you feel like yelling "get back to your frigging office and make some bloody calls and co-ordinate the rescue/recovery.

in conclusion....its a very hard decision to make. go/dont go. people affected will feel different to those not affected. if only in any of these disasters we knew it was a genuine heart felt effort to observe whats going on and not just a photo op for any of the politicians involved.

my heart goes out to all those affected. you have the rest of the world watching and sending you hugs and best wishes. xxxxx

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:24 AM
reply to post by bellagirl

The President usually visits after a Disaster, its to show people that the Gov is doing what it can.
All POTUS do this , from both Parties.
Of course when Obama does it, it will be twisted into a Bad Thing.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:45 AM
i understand that he usually visits a disaster area. but one this big ???. its a very unique disaster. in the sense that you have really 4 different groups. there is flooding/wind damage/snow-blizzard/no damage but no power. and we can add a damage. the risk here is you may offend one of those groups but not going.

it really is a tricky situation. bush only had to go ground zero and stand in the one spot with a mega phone to get his message across.

would a visit to one or two areas affected areas convey the message they want too.....or would a picture of him in the oval office with those that co-ordinate the front line help be a better message ????

just saying a disaster/election so close together has the potential to change minds. those not affected might like to see him on the ground supporting. those affected might want him back in the office making the plans to help them.

just really is a unique situation.

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