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The Sun going into Red Giant phase on 23rd dec 2012?

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 02:56 AM
OP this is what I've been looking for.

I'm optimistic that Earth will be protected by metaphysical forces when the extremely hot temperatures bombard our planet.

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by kingster129

Why have you been looking for this? And what hot forces will bombard Earth?

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 07:59 AM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

While I'm all for new research, new theories, new hypothesis, etc, I'm afraid you have hit the nail on the head here.

This Pane Andov presents his article, not as a scientific exploration and proposal article, but spends a lot of time suggesting NASA cover ups and conspiracies. Worse, several things in his article he presents as fact that are wrong. Here's a few of them:

From the article:

Today we know that super massive Black Holes are spinning at unbelievably high rates due to their overwhelming mass. At this high rate of spin, the Black Hole's projected gravitational field is no longer sphereical but rather flattens out to form a massive yet extremely thin spinng disk.

This statement right here shows me that he does not actually have an understanding in physics or astrophysics, let alone "advanced knowledge" in those fields.
The disks that we see in the images provided in the articles is actually the Accretion Disk of mater around a black hole:

Due to conservation of angular momentum, gas falling into the gravitational well created by a massive object will typically form a disc-like structure around the object.

Then he goes on to state this:

Another important thing that we need to know about super massive black holes is that they go through cycles that last for many thousands of years and at the end of each cycle they explode and from the point of sigularity they release powerful and for human kind still unknown form of energy.

There is no evidence to support that Supermassive Black Holes go through cycles that last for many thousands of years and explode.
I have a feeling that he is trying to suggest that this is what the source of Gamma Ray Burts are.
Then it get's worse in his article, he then says this:

It is so powerful that it affects the DNA of Life, the whole energetic makeup of the galaxy and usually stretches to the very distant corners of the galaxy and beyond. It is completely intelligent and like the point of Sigularity possesses unusual properties. In other words we can see it as a scanning program of the Cosmic Designer Himself, powerful enough to upgrade the DNA and manifest evolution to species and the other way around.

So at first he says that this "energy" is unknown, then goes on to say exactly what it is and what it does.....that is a direct contradiction. Worse, he is saying that it is "intelligently controlled", and that all DNA on this planet is changed every few thousands of years.

From what I understand, Evolution takes a wee bit longer than thousands of years.

Energy that does get released from Supermassive Black Holes, like Relativistic Jets leave perpendicular to the accretion disks, and do not spread out parallel to it, and out into the galaxy.

There is a lot more I could ping on, but I'm limited to how long this post is, so I'll pick two other things:

He says:

Once this energy makes physical contact with the surface of the Sun it will change the rate of how our star is spending its fuel.

This is not true, as he is basing it on the temperature of the recently discovered gas cloud that our solar system is entering heating up our sun.

That is not how nuclear fusion works. You need more than high temperatures. You need more mass. That is how the Sun's Core works, and it's temperature is 15 times hotter than this cloud we are entering. As a mater of fact, the temperature of this cloud is not near enough to cause fusion, or increase it in any way.

If you want to increase the sun's rate of nuclear fusion so that it will fuse it's hydrogen faster, then you need ot increase it's mass.

By a LOT. And when I say by a LOT I mean you would need to change the sun in to a Supergiant who's life spans are measured in 10's of millions of years, instead of billions of years like smaller stars. So we'd have to make the sun at least 10 times more massive than it is now.

He also barely mentions the Heliosphere and with good reason, since it helps protect us from many things out million degree clouds, and cosmic energy.

Again, while I believe we should stretch our minds, and consider what might be impossible sometimes (as that is how we progress and advance), I don't think that was Mr. Pane Andov's intention. His entire article reads instead like many other "Doomsday" articles out there. His paper is not science. It's sensationalism.

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 10:26 AM
I'm sorry, but all this "black hole, "dark matter," "dark energy" talk is pseudo-scientific bullocks and about as cutting edge as the Flat Earth Society. Why is NASA always so surprised? Because the standard astrophysical model of gravity + nuclear fusion = galaxy/star formation is WRONG. Any conclusions based on a failed model will also be wrong.

Wake up to the Electric Universe, people. See

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 09:07 PM
I will start by stating that I read very little of this thread. Long before the Sun goes into a change when it begins to burn mainly helium the Earth will have long since been scorched to death. The reason is simple. The Sun continues to heat up. In about a billion years the Sun will be about 10% hotter than it is now. That will make the Earth too hot a place to live. So no need to be concerned about the time when the Sun is low on hydrogen.

Basically, Pane Andov is a charlatan. He knows very little about physics and astronomy and loudly displays his lack of knowledge of even basic facts.

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