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This is my response to Lucifer

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:08 AM
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Dear Luciferian, from another,

There is an infinite ability for the universe to surprise us. It is impossible for anything to be certain, other than uncertainty. We can follow guidelines that help structure our experience in ways that are helpful for us. We can equally if not to an even greater degree engineer our lives (or our fellow citizens lives) in ways that are disastrous for one or all parties. This situation when done with intent is called “evil” without intent, “accident” or “miracle”. This is of course, nonsense.

In the great beyond, which is really quite close indeed, its just a fist-bump, a head nod and we’re back in for another go around.

Or we are destined for other things…

In the end, why some of our brothers have decided to simply follow their directions as handed-down to them since time immemorial… blah blah….

Really this is the same thing we are asking the luke-warm sheeple to avoid doing themselves. Yet, those who are supposedly more illuminated fall prey to the same trap. The guise of fore-knowledge is offered as defense of this. I tender that our time would be better served helping the population ALONG with our selves achieve the higher “densities” “planes” “harmonics” etc… by simply disclosing the whole charade up-front, and letting the chaos ensue.

(Forgive the multiple phrases and hackneyd appearance, I am trying to translate in-line for a number of groups)
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