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Are you voting? Think about what you are about to do…

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 11:40 PM
Stop listening to hype the news, magazines, radio, tv, internet are putting out… it’s all a game. They are using all of these things as a tool to control what you think. They work slow and methodical, that’s how you get lured into the trap. They are causing you to be deceived… you have to start looking at the bigger picture.

Ask this question, what will the decisions made today have on the future? Remember to look at the big picture not just how it will affect you here and now.

•Free Trade Agreement: Is that the major downfall of Americas manufacturing and economic downfall?
•Patriot Act: Did this significantly reduced restrictions in law enforcement to the point where people have lost their individual rights?
•Immigrations Laws: How has this affected America?
•Large Corporations: too big to fail?... what was that about?
•Gold Standard: where did that get America… “a day late and deeper in debt”

The list can go on and on, people have stopped thinking about implications on decisions that are being made; It’s not about the here and now. You have to “think” start using your brain and take this country back.

Start reviewing how your elected officials are voting, do your research and vote by thinking about what the implications will be for our future. There are many places to get that information, here is just one of them:

Washington Post

Remember; there are implications on decisions that you make...
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