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Obama may go to prison and be impreached for killing our own!!! [video]

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:15 PM

Originally posted by FlyersFan
1 - Idiots who are calling for 'no investigation until after the election' (like Geraldo) need to see this. Investigating Benghazi isn't 'politicizing' a situation ... it's DOING THE RIGHT THING.

2 - Obama won't go to prison. If he's guilty of what is said in this video, he still won't go to prison. His peeps know how to fan the flames and get everyone worked up. They'll say the charges are bogus and racist blah blah blah ...

3 - The only way the country is going to be rid of the disaster called Obama is to vote him out next week. Unfortunately, there are still enough O-bots out there (my relatives included) who refuse to take a long hard look at Benghazi-gate and Fast And Furious .. not to mention all the broken Obama promises about debt reduction and 'no lobbiests will find a job in my white house' etc etc

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Why must everyone continue to focus on the players? I shake my head when I see so much passion and patriotism placed on either candidate. Past, present and future. It's painfully obvious they are what they all are, players. A distraction from the game. We all see this video and immediately want to shift our dependence onto someone else who can relieve us from the worry. Back and forth back and forth it goes, yet nothing ever shifts in government and the song remains the same. It reminds me of a dog chasing its tail. Insanity. There are no O-bots. Just robots.

As of the last few years since 911 I really began questioning how things work. I came to the conclusion that the United States is in such a state of peril, no one in their right mind would want to be POTUS. Why in the world would any sane man or woman care to take on the responsibility of sitting at the helm? Naivety? Stupidity? No, I don't think so. There are no true "presidents" anymore. Being president, no, strike that. Playing president is just another way for these members of the high society gentlemen's club to step through a revolving door and leverage themselves in many facets of their personal interests. Recognition, power, friends, business relationships...

Albeit, they know once they are in, there is an agenda that they must adhere to. Presidents only serve 8 years, but generals serve a lifetime. All of these foreign policies and secret CIA ops don't change. Nothing changes. No operations go 'on hold' when there is an election. There's no shift in dynamics with other countries. Nothing on the world's main stage changes scenes, ever. Only at home when it comes to civic duties.

So why, does everyone get into such a feverish frenzy over political candidates? Its futile. They are all crooks and the whole damn system is corrupt to the core. The American dream is now an ideology sliced into Swiss cheese.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:21 PM
A good link and website that I have posted in other threads. Below 2 pertaining to Benghazhi.


posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:21 PM

Originally posted by Time2Think
reply to post by Propulsion

It is unbelievably hard to take your post and this video seriously at all with your avatar blinking in my face while trying to read / watch it...
Oh come on, you don't like regular show?!?
They stand for peace, love, and justice in the known world!

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:24 PM
Wow...sounds like Joe Biden has joined the conversation....

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by Zoyd23
Wow...sounds like Joe Biden has joined the conversation....

Trash mouth Biden: "As they say in my F_____g business I'm Going To Give You The Whole Load Today"

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by Propulsion

This is the second video I have seen recently of Glenn Beck actually making sense. When did Glenn Beck stop being crazy? Did I miss the memo?

In all fairness, I am very happy to see Glenn Beck doing good solid journalism. I know he has it in him; he was a rock solid news man earlier in his career.

This whole Benghazi incident sinks of C.I.A. No wonder the big freeze has been put on moving forward on informing the masses of the dirty details. Obama is trying to win an election right now so he does not want to deal with this. I wish the left would jump on this story and expose Obama for his illegal gun running, and siding with the same people we are told are our enemies, to really point out that Obama is just as much of a capitalist neoliberal as Romney. Sadly, the left is infected with the `New Left` movement ideology so it is hard for many leftist to see the folly in anti-establishment vs. establishment tactics. If this Benghazi cover up is only brought out by those in the right, and extreme right, many people are going to assume that it is just the right trying to throw mud.

It will be a shame if Benghazi is swept under the rug. It is real dirty business and the American people have a right to know that this is the `change` they are banking on. Instead, Obama is called a socialist, when it is clear it is not, and he gets a free pass to do things like running guns to Arab rebels who want nothing more than to get America out of their nations. It is the old cold war game of making friends with your enemy`s enemy. It did not work during the cold war and it is not going to work now. Yet, I am sure that Romney would surpass the extremes Bush W. took to maintain the American empire. With a DNP president you get a government which will try to set up a system in which everyone who plays the American empire game wins. On the other hand, with a GOP president you get a government which will engage in Cowboy politics on the home front and treat the world like their own personal social experiment of empire expansion.

If Benghazi had happened under a Romney lead government it would have lead to total war against the common people in that region of the world. Obama knows that if it is found out that he has been running guns to the same the people that the US-gov generally considers as a enemy of the United States, he is finished in politics and he might, although I highly doubt it, face international war crimes. Obama is trying to cover it up, while Romney would simply deny all charges against his government just start killing people in mass.

Keep pushing the Benghazi case everyone. Let`s not let this one slide into forgotten history.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:35 PM
Pretty much all of the major departments of the government work autonomously. The president sends and also receives order s between these departments. At the end of the day, if shtuff hits the fan, the president, like a CEO, will take the heat. But you will never hear of operatives of the CIA, MOD or DOHS take the heat for orders they gave to the president.

There is a system in play that we cannot see. Doesn't matter if the president goes to jail for what happened. The fact that this underground system for a NWO is in motion and cannot be stopped. If we take our attention away from wars, away from foreign problems, and solely focus on our personal economy, then we have a chance to live a better life.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:42 PM
If that ever happens, then let's see what the trend will be.

Good job on the post, S&F.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 01:52 PM
Yes just like the last President we sent to Prison what his name??? OH WHAT WE HAVE NEVER SENT A PRESIDENT TO PRISON! Even NIXON!

OMG The president LIED!!! HOLY! wait...WAIT they all lie! Americans have a short attention span and nobody remembers when we impeached a president for the IRAN CONTRA hearings...right...oh wait wrong again.. lol

People forget we sold weapons to Afghanistan wait WHAT???

People forget that we trained OSAMA...WAIT WHAT???

I wish Beck had been investigating WMD's I bet we could have solved where the hell those went! Those are serious weapons! And we never found them? WHAT??? WHERE ARE THEY??? uh...what about Anthrax that was spread what happened there? Seriously Obama is a puppet...

This is so ridiculous people who listen to Mormo Beck crack me up! If Obama goes, please make sure that Bush, Cheney, and Clinton head in with him! Perhaps they can all be cell mates. Americans need to KNOW THEY ARE ALL CROOKS WAKE UP OP!

Is Beck the US answer to David Icke? The real cover-up is Beck is a tool (yeah that kind too) but a tool used to swing the right around not a real reporter! Are there any real reporters anymore???
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:24 PM
I'm asking why isn't Romney making more of this?

Surely if this is true, he should be promoting this and calling Obama out at every given opportunity!!

Maybe it's because I'm from the U.K, but it doesn't make sense to me.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by Nuke2013

I really do think we are at the tipping where any military brass who dream of sustaining a Constitutional republic must take a stand against this administration run wild. If they don't we're truly sunk and no scandal regardless of how big will ever be brought to trial.

These military men know it too, after the close call with the Barksdale nukes they've known there is a faction inside government that is seeking to destroy what's left of America. This is the best chance they have of informing the public and bringing them in to support criminal charges against this administration.

We have no law left, only the discretionary use of judicial force by those in power who are controlled by the central banks.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Propulsion

LOL Glenn Beck. This was a serious thread? Shouldn't this be in SKUNK WORKS MODS???? Just a question but baseless claims and insane radical news shouldn't be in BREAKING POLITICAL NEWS!!! ATS mods you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing these posts to even seem 'CREDIBLE'. Mickey Mouse BS.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:53 PM
With all due respect, I believe we can put this one between fat chance and no chance.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:54 PM
Doesn't matter what Obama knew or didn't know... Bush/CIA had extensive prior knowledge of the activities of Al-Qaeda, OBL, and the probability of terrorist attack on US soil...and?

Bush lied about Iraq's ability to manufacure WMD's.. The documents claiming Iraq was searching for uranium were all forgeries..

Roosevelt had prior knowledge and in fact worked at inciting a Japanese attack of the US...and?

Bengazi, of course there is more to the story, no doubt US intelligence had prior knowledge of the embassy attack and allowed it to happen. I'm sure it's the same for the many other attacks on US embassies notably the Tanzania and Kenya attacks by Al-Qaeda/CIA/Taliban... There's evidence of prior knowledge of the attack of the USS Cole as well...

Continued unrest in the Middle East is not a mistake, but a well conceived plan...Ensuring that the the US is at the center of the Storm is vital to the interests of many.. Oil, Money, Drugs, Patriot Act, Inciting fear, reshaping our beliefs, NWO ..

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 02:57 PM
Only Glenn Beck will accuse the Government of a cover-up for the Benghazi incident and yet laugh at people who believe that the original 9/11 was also a Government cover-up. Can you say - hyprocritical? Or possibly agenda / politically biased?

Seriously - think about it. Bush (A republican) was in office during the original 9/11 and it is well documented that Glenn Beck will NOT entertain 9/11 theories. Yet, when Obama is in office (a democrat) and a cover-up happens he's screaming as loud as possible "THE GOVERNMENT IS CORRUPT! COVER-UP!!!"

I believe there was a Benghazi coverup, just as I believe there was a 9/11 coverup - but I don't believe anything that comes out of Glenn Becks mouth.

This article basically spells it out.

Glenn Beck and hyprocritical / political bias

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by Propulsion

Glenn Beck and The Blaze. That's some sourcing you got there.

Whatever. I guess we all need hobbies, and if this crazy stuff gets you off, then have fun. Try not to delude yourself into thinking that you're spearheading a revolution though. That'd just be sad.

(edit) - Oh, and the part about Am. Stevens being a gun runner for Al Qaeda? That's just f*cked up. Beck is a very sick, twisted little man.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:32 PM
reply to post by freedomwv

I starred the post ACCIDENTALLY so the actual count is MINUS 1 ha ha ha
Problem with your post is that you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy off base on Romney - waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay OFF

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:39 PM
Not gonna happen, Obama is getting re-elected next week so no way they'll send him to prison. And comon they didn't send Bush or Dick Cheney to prison, why would they send Obama.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:52 PM
Just listening to Obama in New Jersey. He says he can get C 130's to get suuplies intoNew Jersey, but he cant get C-130's into Benghazi for our soldiers. This guy is unreal!!

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by NorEaster

I love the way you all decide which sources are better than others. Its remarkable.

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