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Drones Over Benghazi Consulate Were Sent UNARMED!

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 07:50 PM
This is very disturbing news...and, if true, the implications are disturbing.

We already know that no other planes were sent to defend the Benghazi consulate during the seven hour attack...and we were also told that there were two drones witnessing the attack in real time.

Now, we discover that the first drone was pulled off observation of terrorist training camps in the area and re-tasked over the consulate...and unarmed...while the second drone was launched from Sigonella DURING the attack...and was sent UNARMED.

We now know that ex-SEAL Tyrone Woods was actively engaged in 'painting' terrorist mortar positions around the consulate with laser...and that by risking his life in so doing, Woods also was giving away his position to the enemy which ultimately resulted in his death.

So, if we know that no other planes were sent...and the only drones in the air were BOTH unarmed, then WHY was Tyrone Woods painting targets?

Could he have been LIED to and told that planes were on the way or already over head? In essence, was he being 'set up' by his own government?

Fox News reports that, according to senior military officials, the predator drones flying above Benghazi during the attacks on our consulate were unarmed. This is the question on which Chris Wallace pressed Democratic Senator Mark Warner over the weekend, to no avail. Correspondent Jennifer Griffin notes that one of the two drones came from Darnah, a city in eastern Libya; the other took off from Sigonella, Italy, to provide backup once attack was already underway. So why was it unarmed? The Fox report does not provide an answer.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 08:04 PM
reply to post by IAMTAT

It will be awhile before the whole truth of this situation comes to light.
And when it does, I'm afraid it will show how incompetent and unorganized the Obama Administration was during the attack.
Either it will show an extremely severe case of mis-communication on their part or a lack of concern for those in danger.

After the attack ended, they should have reviewed the intel first before they commented on any thing, including blaming the video.

With the MSM covering Hurricane Sandy, maybe Obama feels a little reprieve from the Libya scrutiny.

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