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Hy9nos confession.

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 07:11 PM
Hello everyone.

Ive been a reader of ats for a long time and once in a while i would check in and look whats going on from the "conspirators". I've always known things wasnt right, i knew that money had the final say in everything, and i was sure there was a big brother of corporations.

The whole thing started when i started watchin and following the occupy movement in US and UK in 2011. Even the other protesters like the "indegnados" in Spain.

I was watching some national news from Norway, and they didnt say anything. Also BBC and other channels was just showing the same old, same old. Nothing about the huge protests in amerika. It unraveld quickly how much they sencor and how much of real events they dont pay any attention to. So i went away from it, focusing more on alternative news. Newschannels like rt and bloggers,,naturalnews, zerohedge etc. It gave me alot of information and let me understand more about how economics/trading works and how theese fascist systems function.

Now after being away from mainstream media for almost a year (I have been watching it, but not letting it impregnate my mind.) i got a new house and we have only have some channels. CCTV news, sky news and bbc world.

Here my story starts:

Me and my boyfriend was watching some news (skynews), we walked out to get a fag and came in again. Both of us than looked at the tv, and got shocked. We sat down and all the nigh we watched the news and we were scared. I dont know what it was, but both of us sat with a feeling that something wasnt right. Something had changed.

I just though that we had been away from mainstream media too long so we were abit shocked by what they were saying, or what they were not saying.

We saw alot of inconsistensies, things that seemd clipped and edited. They would show something and than switch instantly to other things. I mean, something was abnormal. And watching the news gave me a whole new feeling. A scary feeling. A feeling of awe. But in a bad way.

We started brainstorming (this was the night the jimmy saville scandal boomed on skynews) about it. My bf though mabye the queens old order had taken over the country or something. I though it was mabye some big shift in the system.. like there was some people there deciding things. I dont know how we both got this wierd feeling. I think the news was just the same as it would be any other day, BUT we were scared. We were confused as if we didnt know if we had reached a point were things(the system) would start to collapse, and that people had gained to much knowledge for it to sustain itself, or that a dark age had come over us. Thats the feeling. Like a blanket of darkness.

I went to bed in fear. Next day we were seperated all that day, but when i came home we soon realised that both of us had been thinking of IT. Not knowing what it WAS or IS. But just having the feeling that something like a paradigm had occured.

I dont know if the feeling was just me realising , and becomeing certain on the truth, but at the same time i wonder has anything happened?

Since that night things changed and it will never be the same.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 07:18 PM
Hello there!
You seem interesting, see you on the boards.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by hy9nos

I see you have a lot to bring the ATS mental buffet....Welcome, and enjoy the ride.....


posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 08:49 PM

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by hy9nos

Welcome aboard, and enjoy the ride!

Here you'll find the hideous agendas the telly is whispering about. Be prepared!

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 09:42 PM
Thanks all

One thing:

Rothchilds. i was just reading tonight and though of something:

Since they are so incorporated in history and want to remain silent and unnoticed i think that the molesting scandal of Jimmy saville in britain will not be something they like.

"Edmund’s daughter Catherine is married to Marcus Egius, the president of “Barclay’s” global financial group (after the acquisition of ABN-AMRO, a Dutch banking group, these two Rothschild groups have become one). Marcus is also at the head of the BBC corporation."

Is this the time we will see the childs? Huge scandal this with Jimmy Saville. The whole BBC is being investigated, and they have said that they have found out that this pedophile ring is an old tradition mabye having roots in goverment since 70's or older. Mainstream news say that goverment officials are being investigated. I dont know if anything will be revealed, but i think it is interesting in theese times, that BBC, wich has a rothchild on top and is a govermented sponsored channel is under scrutiny. This goes deep. deeper than the public will know i think.

Here is the connection with rothchilds and jimm saville:

Lord Victor Rothschild, who was extremely influential within MI5 and MI6, was a close friend of Anthony Blunt and reportedly recruited him into MI5.

Reportedly, Sir Anthony Blunt enjoyed strangling young boys to death while buggering them.

Reportedly Anthony Blunt ran a paedophile ring which included included a lot of top people. (aangirfan: Sexpionage)

Link to the blog about the Jimmy saville case: includes rothchilds:

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 10:15 PM
the blog is important, because it doesnt really investigate the rothchilds. But its easy to put the pieces together when you see the extent of this pedophilia ring. Massive.

And the royal family is also in jeapardy. Friendly with childs. They are supposed to have the background information on people form mi6 or whatever. But its all a cover up.

Lets hope all the information unravles.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 05:17 PM
reply to post by hy9nos

Quit watching that crap again and perhaps you will feel better.


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