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Taking A Break From 'Conspiracy' For A While [+ Romney was decided to be President Long Ago!]

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 04:42 PM
I don't know about you guys but I've reached a point now where it is getting too depressing researching on Syria and all the other 'conspiracy' topics out there related to world events.

I don't think the habit of logging into ATS each day and researching all this depressing info is good for me especially when people don't care anyway!

It doesn't matter how many facts you present to people, they will not pay attention. That is the system the elite have built- it is literally programmed into the people of the western world to ignore and dismiss 'conspiracy'. I was with my family the other night, they were watching some mind numbingly annoying show about the 'Top 40 Hollywood Breakups', I went to say something and they were like 'Shhhhhhhh...!!' as though it was really important to them to see how some celebrity couple broke up! It doesn't matter how much research I do, nothing will change how they thin, they are stuck in that mindset so I'm sick of making myself feel this way by logging into ATS everyday and reading all the depressing info out there.

I also think the forum itself is playing a part, especially with the US elections coming up. It baffles me- it completely and utterly bamboozles my mind that people are debating over Obama and Romney as though it matters! It's the same ridiculous arguments all the time and the people who see the truth are just wasting their time trying to make people see it! In many ways, I give up.

Looking back, I tend to be a person who will commit a lot of time to whatever I do but once I feel I've learnt it then I move on and I feel this has happened with 'conspiracy'. I know I haven't learnt it all but I have acknowledged I'm not going to understand everything that goes on so perhaps it is time to take a break for a while.

Here is a thread I started not too long ago, it links to a lot I have researched so far- it's all real- the planned wars, the elite, the goings on in Syria and Iran, it would take some time to read through it all but I'll share it one more time anyway for those interested (I've said it before but if the elite never worked for evil, you would have to admire their skill in controlling us and the control they really have over world events and shaping history)-

Not long after, I felt the need to create this thread to show the elite exist, they are real and seen all around us-

After that thread, I feel limited to just sharing news stories etc but exposing yourself to so much negative info every day is not good for you IMO. Hence, it is time to give this up for a while.

It's been good ATS, I have learnt a lot. I joined this forum questioning why Egypt was left alone during their revolution yet NATO bombed Libya, it took time connecting the dots but I eventually got around to seeing this agenda and how it works

It's been incredible to piece the info together and then watch world events shape around this agenda which is not hidden at all if you have an open mind to see what they seek to achieve. Once you see the goal, you see that all that is happening is planned.

I'll say it again as well, the outcome of the US elections has been determined for a long time, ever since a certain lobby group got behind Romney, it could not be any clearer who the next POTUS will be. Romney will take us to the next step on this agenda, it was decided some time ago now. Yet, people on a conspiracy site of all places are still in doubt, as though their vote is going to make a difference. The whole idea of democracy as it exists in America today is an absolute joke, Obama is playing his role, he knows he is going to 'lose' the 'election'. It's nothing but a charade or illusion of choice.

Sorry for ranting, but I wanted to share my thoughts as this will be my last post for a while.

All the best


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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 05:06 PM
I don't follow the world political scene as much these days, but I feel your pain. If you are right on the money with your work, then you can expect to be the minority...sad but true. You've already figured that out though.

Taking a break from conspiranoia can be a good thing. As bad as they are, these are the good ol' days compared to what's coming. Stop and smell the roses, pet the puppy, and love those around us. Good luck.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 05:33 PM
Back in the late 1980s, my mother and I had a conversation with Barbara Bush, GHW's wife, and GW's mother. She said: "One day, my George (W) will be President." Knowing "W" myself, I thought it was a stretch. Barb was certain of it.

This group grooms people for decades before putting them into their prescribed roles. I am certain of this myself.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

If you're sure, why not go to the bank get as big of a loan as you can and put it on Romney?
The bookies have Obama as clear winner. So you Get better odds on Romney.

I bet you're not THAT confident though! Are you!?

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