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The Other Candidates for POTUS

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 11:56 AM
Hello fellow ATSer's,
I don't write many threads but felt compelled to state an observation of mine. **I will make a disclaimer I do not pretend to know a whole lot about politics, this is my opinon on the situation**

Here everyone knows the motto of ATS. No need to state the obvious. I beleive most of us here feel, ( I do) that the big Corp.'s, banksters, rich elite, (whoever they maybe) have bought thier way into the two major politcal parties.
We say, ( I do) " Don't be fooled by the two parties , they are both bought and paid for by the rich". But... I see so many threads here about how bad each other are ( Democrats & Republicans) but nothing about the other candidates. We still talk about how the circus of the two parties and fill the boards here with that information. But I have yet to see someone advocate for the "other guy". Ron Paul?? Well ..he's not on the ballot..why? I can't say, I dont know. But I see 14 other candidates on the ballot and not many if any about the "other guys" are posted here in this huge wonderfull place of ATS.

So I thought I would post the links to the candidates website, some specificaly linked to the "Issues" page to make it easier for you. Please browse at your convience. Let us make a informed decision on who we REALLY stand behind even if we know of the slim chance of them winning. I cannot vote for either Obama or Romney. So I will pick another just to make a point.

There are other choices out there, some all be it are a little strange. But we seem to still focus on the two parties and not other possible soloutions, slim as they may be....(for now) .

So here they are I am not going to advocate any party here, its up to you and your right to choose who you want.
And you also have the right to write in whomever you want, so Ron Paul still might have a chance.

I don't beg for stars or flags but a few would help this thread put the other choices in the limelight here on ATS.
And also....grammer police not welcome here.

Have a good day ATS.

Virgil Goode / American Constitution

Gary Johnson / Libertarian Party

Jill Stein / Green Party

Stewart Alexander/ Socialist Party ,USA

Ross C. Anderson/ Justice Party

Roseanne Barr / Peace and Freedom Party
Yes... THE.. Roseanne Barr. Stop laughing...go look, its interesting.

James Harris / Socialist Workers Party
I could not seem to find an actual website so it is a google search page.

Tom Hoefling / America's Party

Gloria La Riva / Socialisim amd Liberation Party

Merlin Miller / American Third Position Party

Jill Reed /Unaffillated

Thomas Stevens / Objectivist Party

Sheila Tittle / We the People Party

Jerry White / Socialist Equality Party
Also could not find an actual website for this guy.

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 12:17 PM
Thanks for this. Don't expect a lot of stars, flags, or attention for this thread, though I hope that it gets the attention it deserves. What you are asking is for people to stop thinking in terms of only two choices for president, and to do some due diligence on their own, without being told how to think or who to vote for.

I did a similar thread a few months ago, introducing all the candidates at that time who had thrown their hat into the ring for president. I did a short synopsis of each candidate, their party platform, and what they stand for, including their pictures. Nobody cared. It required reading and thinking outside the box.

However, I applaud you for bringing this to people's attention before election day. I have made my choice for a third party candidate, based on what they stand for. This erroneous idea of "fracturing" the voting base by voting third party is idiotic, and guarantees nothing will change, ever.

for you!

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 12:24 PM
Yeah, it seems like many of the people here care more about arguing than actually getting anything done/making any real progress. I try to always read about all of the candidates and am personally like both Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. I will be voting for Gary to hopefully help to make a third party more relevant. Unfortunately many here will not care because as the other poster said, many of them do not want to do anything that resembles "work" in any way. We live in a world full of hypocrites where people like to whine about everyone else and truly believe that in doing so they are putting in much more of an "effort" than all the others.

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