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Films of the Public Domain - The Brain That Wouldn't Die

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posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 10:12 PM
Every week on Fridays, or on Holidays. I will post either a film, short, or PSA from the public domain along with the download link to the Internet Archive web page, a brief introduction by me, and along with other relevant information to the film. Not knowing what I will post will make it funner. Whether it would be a classic or complete junk will be my discretion.

Since one of my favorite class of movies are b and z movies. Most of the content will be drawn from their, you have been warned.

The rules for these posts:
1. No posting other films.
2. Request must be submitted through private chat.
3. Riffing is highly encouraged if it is a bad film.
4. Trolling will not be tolerated, and I encourage the forumites to report them.
5. I don't expect people to like some of the content that will posted.
6. Constructive criticism and discussion is highly encourage.

Note: If the movie in question is not in the Public Domain. No download link will be given, and only the link to the movie on YouTube, or Google video, IMDB, and Wikipedia will be posted.

So I bid you the first film of the week, and I will officially start it off this Friday.

The first movie tonight is one of the favorites. It is highly entertaining and enjoyable.

The Brain That Wouldn't Die:

A scifi film released in 1962, and directed by Joseph Green. Is about a Scientist, Dr. Bill Cortner, and his fiancee Jan Compton, get into a car wreck in which Jan's decapitated head gets revived by Bill.

Some of you will note that this film was featured on MST3K in episode 513.

Internet Archive - The Brain That Wouldn't Die.
IMDB - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
Wikipedia - The Brain That Wouldn't Die
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