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Suddenly a strange feeling occurs throughout your world,

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 08:00 PM
Hello, This is my third post on here. Mods if you feel the need to move this thread into the right spot please do so. Sorry if this is a little out there, I'm hoping there is someone else out there who has felt the same experience and can shed some light on this.

"Suddenly a strange feeling occurs throughout your world, you feel it (before whatever it is that's happening) happens. It's a strange silence.."

I feel as if there are certain points of information that gather and reach people throughout. It could be a million different energies that will reach others in different ways. Every single soul will be planted into the universe and if your energy is of it your soul will reside where you send it in the end. Of course, this is just my perspective on life. For myself, it's peace throughout, a world united for the greater good. A world with compassion, serenity, and love. This world and everything on it thrives into life. I sometimes dream about this green glow of the earth this green glow represents a healthy planet.

"This peace is welcomed into your heart, you bring it to your home and all aspects of your life. This feeling of happiness is bestowed upon you." I feel emotions and motives so strongly when I dream. I'll dream of "the fix" the beginning of the healing process but how do we do this for our earth?

I have these dreams where they feel absolutely real- it's not even a question. There have been several different areas these dreams and nightmares hide away until they are 'awakened' inside of me. I like to think this could be your heart and your soul's inhibition. Sometimes I have this incredible dream of me flying, I remember I would practice and then id be able to fly just simply by bringing it into my mind. I got really good at it and thinking back I may have been invisible at some point while flying. I felt so connected, if that's even possible? It was so real in my dream, I remember being conscious and having thoughts that are fully aware! How is this even possible? I like to believe that your body can tell you things gives off this 'vibe' of energy and the energy you get back clues you in. I always have this feeling that I get and later on I find out why. It's very hard to put quite what this feeling is into words, you just know when you know. I imagine there is someone else out there that knows of a similar sort what this feeling is like.

Lately, I've had dreams about earthquakes, I'll get day dreams and Ill wake up thinking an earthquake is happening. I hear the rumble and feel the vibrations of the earth and it's so clear in my memory. I'm sure this doesn't mean that I believe an earthquake is happening but I wonder what the significance in these vivid dreams are.

In another dream..

"... I walked throughout the animal shelter in search of something, not really sure what. Finally I happen upon the most beautiful night black owl and seeing it was the most light-filled moment in heart. I got the sense of urgency and time coming to an end and before time was up the owl spoke to me. And it was gone, I instantly woke up. "

I remember this owl reached out to me and spoke to me what he said I have no idea as he said it in owl language (whatever that is) But this came to me at a time when I really had some tough questions about life and was looking for answers. What is the significance of this encounter? Is this the first appearance of my spirit guide?

Anyone who also believes in this kind of stuff who can relate to my experiences and/or can offer advice or just a thought as to any of these dreams would be greatly helpful. =)

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 09:41 PM
I dreamt a few weeks ago that there was an tremendous storm, and the roads where washed away and the houses torn to shreds, and the sun grew in size in the middle of the night, casting a strange, eerie sterile light over the landscape. I could see the moon besides it, darkened by the shadows from the suns rays.
The trees burned with St Elmo's fire and they bent to a wind which could not be heard.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by Avgudar

Wow, thanks for sharing that. It's amazing to me how incredibly detailed these dreams can be. Our imagination knows no limits I suppose =)


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