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Asian immigrants succeed in grueling admissions test; other minority voices suggest racism

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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 10:26 AM
Damn those greedy Asians.

Their GPA's are just too damn high, more than they'll ever need.
I think it's time to start redistributing those GPA points to others less fortunate.

posted on Nov, 3 2012 @ 08:19 PM

Originally posted by igor_ats

Originally posted by TheXoor
Instead of complaining endlessly about alleged racism and "being left behind," if black students focused on studying as hard as Ting Shi they would see results.

Perhaps a strong work ethic as exemplified by parents might help as they did with this kid.

How does the government help with this aspect? Truth is you can't magically make parents good role models.

Actually the government could do wonders to repair African American families.

Step 1) Only Married couples can apply for any kind of government assistance.

Step 2) End the tyranny of black women. Recognize men as being victims of DV and apply the laws evenly and with little to no tolerance for domestic abusers, male or female; emotional or physical(there would be a short term increase in the number of Single father households in the African American community for a time though till black women realized their abuses wouldn't be tolerated).

Step 3) End the war on controlled substances. If something is a known toxin, treat it as such. If someone tried to sell hemlock for human consumption they would be tried as drug dealers, they would be tried with attempted murder. And a person who tries to buy hemlock for personnel consumption needs mental health help pronto!

Step 4) As things begin to improve, restructure tax laws and offer incentives for the development of community sound businesses(I do not believe in the principle of market dominant minorities, it is immoral and destructive for the community, the economic picture of a community should match the communities demographics).

Step 5) Enjoy the KKK's Great Society being undone!

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