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Media Rips Into David Icke and 'Conspiracy Theorists' Following Wembley Show

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:52 AM
Two articles have appeared in the MSM following Icke's Wembley show, in many ways the reports sum up the MSM and it's agenda of ridiculing 'conspiracy theory'-

This article seems to be written by a woman scorned, not a true journalist-

"They are laughing at you," Terry Wogan told a noticeably trimmer David Icke back in 1991, "not with you." The former goalkeeper turned sports presenter had not long given up his broadcasting career and pronounced himself the new messiah. And, yes, people laughed; a lot.

TODAY a sell-out Wembley crowd, and thousands globally, will spend a fortune to hear ‘messiah’ David Icke’s day-long rant about ‘lizards’ who run the world. And you thought HE was barking mad.

David Icke may be best remembered for his farcical appearance on the Terry Wogan show two decades ago when he proclaimed himself the Son of God to howls of derision but the television presenter turned conspiracy theorist seems to be having the last laugh as he cashes in on his mind-boggling view of the world.

Funny how they both open relying on readers believing their lies that Icke declared himself 'The' Son of God- anybody who has ever seen the 1991 Wogan interview will know he said we are all 'Sons of God', referring to his belief we are all part of the same infinite consciousness.

The tactics from both articles is one of complete ridicule- it's a common tactic to stop people thinking and asking questions about how the world is run. Make out the man with the message is a lunatic and that makes anyone who listens to him equally as crazy. From the article-

TODAY a sell-out Wembley crowd, and thousands globally, will spend a fortune to hear ‘messiah’ David Icke’s day-long rant about ‘lizards’ who run the world. And you thought HE was barking mad.

That strategy is just so obvious but the MSM keep going with it so I'm assuming it is highly effective on the people who read the MSM.

If Icke really was completely full of # and crazy, why would the media feel the need to attack him personally in an effort to destroy his credibility-

From both articles-

Icke’s story is as bizarre as some of his theories. Goalkeeper for Coventry City until arthritis forced him to give
up football at 21, he became a BBC sports presenter until he was sacked for refusing to pay the poll tax.

After a brief stint as spokesman for the Green Party he had some kind of epiphany prior to his turquoise-tracksuited Wogan appearance in 1991.

That much I gleaned from the two hours I watched Icke, his trademark grey hair flapping round his collar in a mullet, spouting his theories about, again in no particular order: Archons, jinns, interbreeding reptiles, shape-shifters, invisible light, mind parasites and heartless bankers.

I had entered the room knowing that Icke thought he was the son of God and that humanoid reptiles were the incarnation of evil, but not a lot more. I'd love to say I gained an insight, listening to him preach, without notes, laser pen in hand and an incomprehensible presentation beamed on to the wall behind him. I'm afraid I can't

Why would the media which feeds us lies all the time have to resort to such scornful, personal attacks?

As Icke says, it is no wonder more and more people are turning to the alternative media to receive their news.

It doesn't really bother me that the MSM attacks Icke, it is the fact they work to associate all 'conspiracy theories' as crazy and only believed by deluded people etc. This strategy relies on people sticking with the group or herd mentality, ie, rather than have people question the world around them, which is to question the government, it is easier to ridicule such ideas so people will avoid going down that path as it would lead to being ridiculed and outcast from the group and what is considered to be 'normal'.

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:55 AM
Ickes gets a lot of derision and scorn thrown his way. But personally, I think he's a great speaker with some important things to say. Doesn't mean I buy into all his theories, but I don't think he's crazy or in it for the money.

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 07:55 AM
I bet he doesn't give a hoot, he made mega bucks from that show and the live stream around the world.
Did he touch a nerve? maybe that reporter is a lizard !!!

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 11:10 AM
reply to post by Wonderer2012

mockery from the same media that has been shown to be "clueless"
[complicit] regarding the saville affair and SO MUCH SO MUCH MORE.
the same MSM that is "downplaying" the fukushima-psyops
so as to later discredit alternative media/conspiracy sites/bloggers

just chimps flinging poo, as usual

speaking of pedo-bear
note that saville and another perve are just above the "independent's" hit piece
in the recent news


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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 01:22 PM
Its a shame he somewhat dilutes his stronger points by interjecting interdimensional reptilians,but then that could mean a few things-he may be a government disinfo plant,a money orienated con artist,mentally delusional,OR he is the most visionary thinker of our time...

Sadly,I doubt it is the latter.
But,Whadda iKnoW?

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 08:03 AM
The saddest thing for me about Icke is the people who need to hear what he has to say probably never will due to this type of coverage.

Anyone who is aware of the media smear tactics employed against him would already be aware of what hes saying and most likely from multiple sources.

Ignore the reptiles and focus on the stuff that is easily verifiable and its obvious he isnt crazy

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