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What happens when you turn 30 and realise you're not living the life you'd expected?

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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 01:11 AM
The thing to do, at that point, is to publicly embarrass yourself, by seeking out the nearest 40 year old and declaring that 'X isn't cool. X is over 40'.

Then, when you hit 48, join up on a conspiracy website and begin using pop culture demarcations to insist, and prove, that you are still UNDER 30, while hitting on redheads, in England. wink.
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posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 08:27 PM
I can remember when I was 30. I had been a single parent of two for 4 years. Now I'll turn 50 in Dec and I wonder where the time went. I would say 1-10 folks you ask this too will respond with no their not living the life they thought they were going too. And that's at 30.

Life has a way of dictating to you versus you dictating to life.. Life is what we make it. I started a business after doing commercial electrical construction for 29 years. My business isnt electrical. I never wanted to be an electrician. Reason why, 3 older brothers that are in the trade. But as years passed and life dictated to me how much I needed to keep at electrical work because the bills don't stop.

Then one day a few years ago I simply imploded. Turned in my two weeks notice, said good by to the friends I had. Came home, sat down with my wife, came up with a business plan. And I have not looked back. Could not be happier. So far it's been successfull. (knock wood). If I was to give advice to you . It would be YOU control YOU. if you want change bad enough & that life you think is the one you want turns out to be not for you...Just start again. That's life my friend, alot of times you just got to start from scratch.

And never beleive people when they say middle age is like 52 0r 55 It's not. How many 104 & 110 year old folks you see walking around out there. Get started now, the time only gets going faster. From 30 to 50 will seem like weeks.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 06:00 AM
reply to post by TheXoor

People with 30 years old.If they arent happy about their lives, they can just change.
It is simple as that.
People with 70 can change too. It is not about age, but mind set and the will to do it.
Is never too late.

posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 11:04 PM
You forgive and forget, otherwise you will just continuing holding on to the pain and beating yourself up (or others) for feeling like a failure.

posted on Nov, 1 2012 @ 03:54 PM
Right. I was just arguing with someone here about "Suburbia" and if I can give any younger people tips - the most important one I can give you is DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN!!!

I cannot emphasize this enough! THIS is what ruins you. You will have to go to work to support *them*. You will be stuck in a crappy job (and probably have to move to Suburbia) because of them.

More and more people are going "Child Free By Choice" - because then you're not locked into "The System" and you have more ease of change.

DO NOT! go into debt, either. Keep debt reasonable. For school - OK. But not for things you don't need. Do not follow!

And this is why also that "Conservatives" so desperately WANT you to breed! Because then you're locked into working *for them*, they can make money off your back, also make money via your consumption, and you have produced more consumers - for them.

DO NOT HAVE KIDS! The ultimate millstone around your neck. Your life may not be perfect - but - if you are single and FREE - you can *always change* your life.

I'm a Gen Xer and I have numerous issues with the Boomers. The foremost one being how easily they cloned up, bred, conformed, and consumed. Hippies who were going to change the world? PAH LEEZE! As soon as Reagan was elected and began blasting out the Conservative Propaganda they all got married, crapped out a bunch of sprogs, and moved to Suburbia. And began to consume, consume, consume.

I blame their parents also. Greatest Generation my ass! They were the ones who created the Entitled Boomers. In fact I detest these people more than their children. THEY were the ones content to run off to Breeder Land Suburbias and breed like freaking rats. Greedy jerks who spoiled their kids. I cannot wait for these foul people to die off already. You fought in Dubya Dubya Two - The Big One? That never needed to happen to begin with. I'm not impressed. I'd be more impressed if they'd have stood up and said NO! we do NOT want the US involved in this! They were sheep who bred more sheep. Them and their Boomer Children are just foul and deserve NO credit for *anything*. 99% of them were rank and file followers. Sheep.

Younger people should review this history and take notes - see how these people followed blindly and then consumed, consumed, consumed. These two bunches of people - the so called "Greatest Generation"
and their greedy Boomer children are who RUINED the US.

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