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posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:04 AM
Thought this was appropriate....

Things I never want to hear again about my tattoos:

is that a real tattoo?

did that hurt?

I've never seen a tattoo like that before.

So what does that mean? What does that say?

Now why would you do that to yourself? That's gonna be on you forever.

I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

What about when you're sixty?
I like the naked lady on your arm.

Yeah, I wouldn't get a tattoo because I'd hate whatever I picked after a while.

I hate tattoos.

You know if you go to Asia they're going to think you're some gang member's property.
Do you ever regret your tattoos?

I've heard that a spiderweb on your elbow means you've killed someone, is that true?
Is that some kind of ethnic/exotic/tattoo or "what kind of tattoo" is that?

Can I see your tattoo/ show me your tattoo.

ooohhh, I'm scared to get tattoos. I'm scared of pain.

Now you've really gone overboard.

Doesn't that ruin your chance at a real job?
Why did you have to get so many?

Only criminals, prostitutes and sailors are tattooed.
isn't that a little big?
(more to come as I hear them. Send in yours.)

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:12 AM
Typical reactions dr.

I am on a promissory chain to get a tattoo, but my public deportment won't allow a visible one.

When a certain brother of a certain friend gets a leading movie role, there are approx. 30 people who are on a promise that will have tattoos done. The odds of this event many in the chain feel are quite small.

Mine is going on my right buttock. It is of a sword-wielding aardvark who originally was a ransacker and pillager, before he learned the fine art of statesmanship, which he swapped for a short term career as Pope, which proved a little too much for him. I'm sure some of our members know he he is.

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:15 AM
A target maybe

Originally posted by Osobad28
I'm getting one on my back between the shoulder blades sometime within this year. I have been lookin at stuff and havent decided what to get yet.

Mind you some people here get tattoos (if you are into that sort of thing ) in prison, 3 dots over the left eye for example means you have been to a certian prison. The problem is if your potential employer knows the code then you can kiss your job application goodbye...

[Edited on 15-6-2003 by Netchicken]

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:27 AM
ive got about 3000 of tattos so far,arms sleeved,back,chest,legs,neck.if i wear a shirt you cant really see them
but im having a dragon tattooed on my head which will run down the back of my neck aswell
.theres a saying here in England "dont judge a book by the cover" (Tattooists say the head is the best piece of skin to tattooo on your body)

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:36 AM
the popularity of tattoos and body piercing is mass mental conditioning to get people to readily accept the mark. heard that one yet?

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 02:43 AM
Yeah but tattooists and body piercers can make a buck at it, so it's all in the realms of good capitalism.


posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 03:02 AM
I find it hard to believe that tattoo artists (at least the ones we go to) would have a DAMN thing to do with the cabal, so I cant really say that it is indoctrination.

posted on Jun, 15 2003 @ 03:25 AM

Originally posted by billybob
the popularity of tattoos and body piercing is mass mental conditioning to get people to readily accept the mark. heard that one yet?
.i thought that tattoos and body piercing were another form of jewellery

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