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Is HAARP feeding SANDY? (The Conspiracy Side)

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posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 11:34 AM

What's this?

posted on Nov, 17 2012 @ 11:44 AM
Interesting too.

Magnetic and Acoustic Beams! Star Trek HERE WE COME!
1990 US. Patent: 4959559 – (United States) Electromagnetic or other directed energy pulse launcher
You just can’t make this # up……

The invention relates generally to transmission of pulses of energy, and more particularly to the propagation of localized pulses of electromagnetic or acoustic energy over long distances without divergence.

As the Klingon battle cruiser attacks the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk commands “Fire photon torpedoes”. Two darts or blobs of light speed toward their target to destory the enemy spaceship. Stardate 1989, Star Trek reruns, or 3189, somewhere in intergalactic space. Fantasy or reality. The ability to launch localized packets of light or other energy which do not diverge as they travel great distances through space may incredibly be at hand.

Following the pioneering work of J. N. Brittingham, various groups have been actively pursuing the possibility that solutions to the wave equation can be found that allow the transmission of localized, slowly decaying pulses of energy, variously described as electromagnetic missiles or bullets, Bessel beams, transient beam fields, and splash pulses. These efforts have in common the space-time nature of the solutions being investigated and their potential launching mechanisms, pulse-driven antennas.

Solutions to Maxwell’s equations follow naturally from these scalar wave equation solutions. Such electromagnetic pulses, characterized by their high directionality and slow energy decay, are called electromagnetic directed-energy pulse trains (EDEPTs). They are a step closer to a classical description of a photon, a finite-energy solution of Maxwell’s equations that exhibits a wave/particle duality. The corresponding acoustic pulses, which are solutions of the scalar wave equation, are called ADEPTs.

These pulses of energy have been seen in LRADs, HAARP, and NEXRADs.


Related to Sandy? Maybe.

Weather Modification 101 A great read and list of sources for those that want to know more:

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