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A Poem For 'You Know Who'

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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 05:07 PM
You Know Who

You know who, who you are... why you are, and it's not your fault

Making money is problematic, then it's used to create answers
Profit just enough to go and cut away the cancer

you go super nova, let us make way for aster
Never paid that piper,only void between us and disasters.

I'm tick tocking about my way and ain't no way to go no faster
travel side by side with time knowing that i'll be outlasted

Dogmas will abandon, faith in all the virtue
Until you act inherent and it comes back around to hurt you

So what yall trying to further, more rape, disease and murder
Claim to be that structure, pyramids don't need no girders

I think I get it, maybe it's all about the trickle down
So here's your crown, Appolo go forth and steal that crowd,

I love the way you play those strings, 'oh so loud',
god damn they proud and the whole world hears you now

you done?

The world's full of evils, from the mountains to the steeple
Big Ben on the 11th hour, condoned genocide of 'just' people.

There ain't nothing chic about turning cheeks,
It's not the recipe for resting pieces to rest in peace, we're just left diseased

but now don't go and stop, don't vest in me, you know what the best could be,
at least that seems to be what the rest believe
Trying to make the grass greener, and still left with leaves
So much power in a statement, make sure they get this message please

Love your social theories, escape the vice-versa
of instinctive verse false doctrines you're so assertive.

You know who, who you are, why you are
Why these scars, how we love, why we hate and why these bars

That's all I've got for now... it should

be fairly clear as to whom I'm speaking


I kind of tried saying a lot, but not in so many words...(duh lol). So, if you'd like for me to expand on anything said... or you have anything to add, I'd love to hear it!

Do "You Know Who' you are?

edit on 26-10-2012 by FractalChaos13242017 because: clarification

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