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The Shepard and the Sheep

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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 03:27 PM
The New World not new...its as old as civilization itself. Because the two things are one in the same. Strategies and allies may change but the basic system is always the same. You have a small controlling elite at the top of the pyramid..and everyone else on descending levels...the further down the pyramid structure the greater the number of people. So when you reach the middle of the pyramid, the greatest number of the population are gathered below that point. If the pyramid is looked at this way it means that the majority of people support the highest levels. One person lives off the burden off the person or people beneath him. A good example of this has been world trade...where consumer goods made for pennies in sweat shops in Asia...are consumed by people higher up the pyramid in the west.

This analogy is probably exactly why the Egyptians built sacred structures...because they perfectly represent power structures and civilization...Its not rocket science.
The pyramid structure is found in every organisation..You have a CEO..Chief workers...and mail room workers at the bottom... Without the bottom levels the top levels could not survive and vice verse. That does not mean the pyramid structure is fair though...because it isn' just ensures organisation and civilization...without this structure, civilization would not exist and there would be no power structure. No power structure would lead to anarchy and every man for himself...some people may well prefer this...but eventually, one tribe would dominate the others...and the pyramid would be formed once again.
this is why we have the rise and fall of empires. Human beings always eventually form pyramids...out of the two options, its better to have a power structure and descending levels of hierarchy and control...
This is also why wealth flows from the bottom to the top....always.

Also as part of this structure, we have to understand the will of the masses...or free will, as its called in the Bible.
Free will is supposed to be the individuals own ability to form opinions and make judgments..However it has to be understood that if people actually had access to free will, there would be anarchy always and no stable pyramid. This is because people do not have free will, in the classic sense.
Even in the Bible Jesus called himself the Shepard and people the sheep..or flock. This illustrates how people have always been viewed as expendable and incapable of making logical choices...instead people, in the majority of cases are easily influenced..or easily led sheep.

Without the the ordinary man and woman giving up or relinquishing free will you cant have a power structure..This is achieved through catching people at a very young age...childhood...form this point we are sent to schools and indoctrinated into the civilizations mindset, morals, belief system and religion..In other words education destroys free will..that seems to be the main point of state education systems..where 2nd hand and 3rd hand accounts of history etc are fed to us as legitimate sources of information...when in fact only 1st hand information is considered accurate in a court of law, for instance. At the same time, you have to keep the same population passive by convincing them that they do actually have free will over their life and the choices they make..this is easy done, as you have already educated them into they way of thinking you wish them to have. as long as the people believe what they are told, they actually will accept anything and go along with anything..all people need to be kept subjugated are the food, shelter and water..and TV...for example Nazi Germany, was not a few bad Germans. So what happened to all that free will? There was none to begin with. Only about 30 percent of a population are truly free thinkers..some of these free thinkers, gain positions at the top of the pyramid..its their will that dictates how the rest of the pyramid think and operate......whilst other free thinkers are scattered throughout the structure..along with the sheeple. Some of these radical free thinkers, try to influence the pyramid by producing their own propaganda..which leads to a left right paradigm, whilst other free thinkers make rational choices to play along with the game, knowing what it takes to advance through the levels. Whilst the sheeple, do and feel and think what they are conditioned and programmed for...anyone want to friend me on Facebook or share a latte in Starbucks? Facebook being the best and most terrifying example..of how the majority of people are easily led sheep...when the logical thinker values privacy...the irrational sheep give up privacy in a heart beat...because its the "popular" thing to do.

The sheep of society are in the vast cannot wake them can only influence them with programming and propaganda. it does not matter if you tell them the truth or lies, because ultimately even the truth can be used selectively and for your own agenda. Sometimes lies are used for the benefit of the system as a whole. For example...if the moon landings were would have been a justifiable lie...because the perceived engineering and scientific prowess of the USA in the worlds eyes, helped sustain Americas power on the world stage...If 9/11 was an inside ensured Americas oil security for the next 50 years, this also keeps the pyramid structure in place...where as if people ran out of gasoline, there would have been anarchy on the streets within days...the country would have come to a complete stop. To maintain the pyramid sometimes any means necessary will be used...including false flags and lies...This is the accepted system of civilization. Some say its better than the alternatives...and it probably is. this is also why the Pyramid is associated with the occult..

In the garden of Eden... Adam and Eve were thrown out because they ate from the tree of knowledge of good an evil. Weather your a christian or not...the story makes an interesting point, that knowledge, is in itself considered evil, because it opens up choices between right an wrong...and in many instances somethings you have to do the bad or evil thing in order to preserve the greater good..or at least what you decide is the greater good. It is even a moral dilemma weather people should drive cars and pollute the environment...its also a moral dilemma weather or not to eat meat..or even to send children to have inoculations etc. Animals do not have these dilemmas...they also do not have a pyramid civilization....does that mean a mouse has more free will than we do? Yes it does.
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 12:31 PM
oh really thanks

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