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Radical weather changes in SA

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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 02:12 PM
I can't remember when or whether South Africa has ever experienced such severe weather but in the last two years South Africans have seen some stuff they never thought they would.

From tornadoes, to snow, to hail the size of bricks falling from the heavens.

See below. .

Excuse the kids comments

An 8-year-old child died and more than 160 people were injured when the twister struck Duduza, about 40 miles east of Johannesburg, destroying dozens of houses, many of them tin shacks, according to the Ekurhuleni municipality.

SO UTH AFRICA: Tornadoes kill two, leave thousands homeless

Picture taken from the Huffington post

South Africa Snowfall Stuns Johannesburg (PHOTOS)

JOHANNESBURG — People slowly came outside despite the cold wind Tuesday across South Africa, pointed their mobile phone cameras to the sky and opened their mouths to taste a rare snowfall that fell on much of the country.

I doubt this is new to South Africa, including the tornado. Very rare but not entirely new.

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