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seeking projections about my future (second attempt)

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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by Agarta

Thank you for your time. I PM'd you the info.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 04:16 PM
reply to post by Mrgone

I wish you to know there are many ways that numerology is done both in calculations and assigned number value. I am doing it the way I was taught and from past experience it has been pretty accurate but others that do it for you might be more detailed. Your numbers are as follows:

    Name= 3
    Birth= 8
    Life= 2 by way of 11
    Heart= 8
    Destiny= 2 by way of 11
    Mental= 2 by way of 11
    Emotional= 2
    Physical= 5
    Spiritual= 6
    Pinnacle= 5
    Challenge= 1

What these tell me is that your life is dominated by emotion as denoted by the 8s and 2s. So I will begin there. The 2 by way of 11 is an emotional number in the heart region. It says that you have great levels of compassion and empathy for others and that the emotions you feel are strong, sometimes to the extreme to the point of taking over the logic of a situation, and others have a tendency of coming to you for advice and a shoulder to lean on. This is not a bad thing in most cases as it allows you to see directly into the "Heart" of a situation. The basic 2 shows creativity, a strong imagination, and optimism. It allows you to look at something from outside the box and helps you to see the larger picture. The down side of the number 2 is that all opposites apply depending on your own feelings as they trump all others, sometimes to the extreme.

The 8 is basically a higher version of the 2 in that it is more from a spiritual nature. The emotions are strong which ever way they may be and as said in my previous post can take over the logical thought process. This again is not a bad thing, in most cases it just means you feel them deeper within your soul. Due to your emotional numbers being 6 of the 11 categories you can see that emotion is a very big part of your life. It covers who you are, how you think, how you react, and where you are going in life.

Your physical number is a 5 which is a physical number in itself. It shows your ability to change and shift as you need to. It is ever changing, never set in stone so it allows you to go with the flow and adjust your thoughts and actions as you need to within the physical world as well as your beliefs and understanding. It allows you to grow and build on or change that which you once knew making learning fairly easy for you. It also means, although you do feel strong emotions you have the ability to change them quickly and very rarely hold a grudge, however if you do, it is held very tightly.

Your spiritual number is a 6 which is a mental number. You tend to look at spirituality or higher growth with logic and what makes sense. Because you are an emotional person this combines as a deep seated feeling of belonging and oneness but you may not understand the total connection to it all or where you fit in. Because of the 5 you are open to change to what "feels" right or better.

Your pinnacle or strength is a 5 which again allows you to change and shift to meet a situation. You have the ability to be a social chameleon and can fit in any group you desire to associate yourself with. It allows you to alter your way of thinking, again to see the "Heart" of a situation.

Your challenge number is a 1. 1 is a mental number. What this says is that you will tend to allow your mind to interfere with your emotional. This can be a good thing if your emotions are of a positive nature but if they are negative your mind will make it much much worse. Your mind is what sets the emotions moving but also feeds them to their outcome. thus your challenges in life will be to keep a positive nature around yourself. and to know when to step away and stop letting your mind feed the negative emotions you may be having.

Your destiny is a 2 by way of 11 so it is an emotional future for you. It is directly associated with your own perception of your personal Karma so while you are not holding grudges due to your ability to change and shift your emotions remember that you can also hold grudges against yourself. This is what will dictate how you see yourself be it positive or negative and remember how you feel is the way you express yourself outwardly to others. Learn to trust your "feelings" as they are usually right, as an empath you are, but try not to over analyze them with the mind or it can take you in the wrong direction and your own emotions will take over.

I know this is not a future telling post but it I hope it has given you some insight as to who you are and how you can use it in the future. In the case of employment it should be in a field of helping others because this is where your "Heart" is the strongest.

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