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MonRockeChild Corp: GMO Education For The 21st Century [Imagined NWO Scenario]

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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 01:36 PM
The elite love to spend money on developing ‘future scenarios’ for our planet. One such example is the Rockefeller Foundation which brings together economic, social and environmental 'experts' to imagine how certain paths we take today can shape the future. The elite love to reveal their plans and one of the scenarios they imagine pretty much always depicts an Orwellian society with population control near the top of the agenda.

Before starting with the thread, let’s just hear David Rockefeller himself discuss the problem of the growing world population-

With that in mind, let’s fast forward 75 years and imagine a possible 'scenario' the likes of Rockefeller Foundation and co imagine. The world has been ravaged by WW3 but a much worse thread to mankind emerged in the aftermath- the forces behind GMO were able to create food that could grow amongst the nuclear radiation that covered the world's soil-



This scenario imagines a world were the conflict that began in the middle east led to another world war.

2013: After Israel had attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities, Iran ordered hundreds of sleeper cells to carry out attacks against Israel’s western allies. Iran had used the weak immigration control to infiltrate America through the borders as a precaution if she were attacked by Israel. America in response was therefore forced into conflict with Iran against her wishes for peace in the region. Russia, a long term ally of Iran was also forced into this conflict and the world was once more engulfed in unavoidable conflict.

2016: 3 years into this worldwide conflict, the entire planet was exhausted both physically and economically. Both sides of the conflict had restrained from the use of nuclear weapons yet in an ironic twist of fate, nuclear fallout came from the total collapse of the Fukishma nuclear power plant: Japan having abandoned trying to contain the disaster to fight against the invading Chinese forces.

2017: As the world began to realise the significance of the disaster, world leaders decided to end the worldwide conflict and unite under a New World Order to help stop the spreading of the nuclear fallout contaminating the entire planet. The world, united in this cause, was unable to prevent the spread of the radiation. It was estimated that up to 90% of the world’s food supply was contaminated, along with the ground to grow new food.

3 philanthropic groups took the destiny of mankind’s very survival into their own hands. Monsanto, known for working to eradicate poverty and hunger before WW3 merged with the Rockefeller and Rothschild dynasties (both well known for their philanthropy) to form MonRockeChild Corporation. Monsanto, already experienced in growing GMO, worked with massive funding from both Rockefeller and Rothschild to create a new type of food that could grow in any ground. It could grow on the fields contaminated by the radiation fallout from the Japanese disaster.

2040: The world is now seemingly stable under one centralised government, conflict has been removed and the world is peaceful. The GMO crops developed by MonRockeChild are being used to feed 90% of the world’s population.

At the end of WW3, the New World Order government decided that GMO was the future for the entire world supply given its resilience to anything, thus making it far cheaper to grow than convential crops. Former nations, especially those that used to make up Europe tried to resist this policy but with no national government or armed forces, the protests of the people were ignored. Those who resisted were left with two choices, either eat the GMO or starve. Human nature to survive resulted in the majority of people accepting GMO.

Education also played a massive role in this acceptance and each new generation became more attuned to GMO as the main food supply.

2087: Unfortunately, it was not found out until it was deemed too late that the GMO designed to grow under any conditions was not compatible with the human body. What made matters worse was the fact that the effects were not known amongst the population for many years as they were slowly gradual in nature. The true effects took generations to come to fruition.

Birth rates had decreased in the years following the global introduction of GMO, but the trends had been put down to new contraception methods that had been introduced across the planet. Experts of the time also believed birth rates would soar again after the poverty in the aftermath of WW3 and the global economic meltdown had withdrawn and prosperity had returned under the peaceful world government.

The GMO created was so resilient that on breakdown in the human system, the modified genes were not broken down through digestion, but rather stayed in the bloodstream. The GMO interfered with the genes of those who consumed them, thereby inflicting a slow but consistent deterioration of human organs and their functions- the GMO essentially attacked the human body. By creating crops that could grow under any conditions, what resulted was a crop that proved to be toxic for humans.

As it stands, only roughly 10% of the world’s population is set to survive. Those wealthy enough to purchase organic foods grown on land not contaminated in the aftermath of WW3 will stand as the remaining human population.


Despite this tragic scenario being the least favourable, we have to acknowledge it is a theoretical possibility. Whilst Monsanto works to ensure all current genetically modified organisms are safe for human consumption, there will always be unknown effects that cannot be understood until after an event. This scenario is only made possible in the result of nuclear fallout and the spread of radiation over the planet. If this were to happen and the ground to grow food was contaminated, then it is feasible GMO would be used to help restore the world’s food supply. This would be made much easier under a world government which had the final say over implementation of GMO- nation states divided on this issue as the world is today would only be at odds with our overall goal- restoring and maintaining the food supply for the world’s population.

Before such an event can take place, it is therefore essential that corporations involved in the very important role of creating GMO focus on the safety for human consumption. It is a priority In order to ever prevent SCENARIO 1 ever taking place. If these precautions are not taken now, then if the world is ever faced with such challenges, it would be accepting a GMO food supply with unknown consequences to the very existence of mankind.


I’m not sure if some of my points will be understood in this thread but if you’ve read previous ‘scenario’ papers you’ll know where I am coming from

As scary (or ridiculous) as it may sound, this is a possibility of how GMO could be introduced on a global scale. At the moment for example, Europe is able to resist, yet if an ‘event’ took place to remove national governments and impose one world government, then no one would have a say on GMO- it would be forced upon us. Given recent research emerging detailing the dangers, for those who believe in population reduction conspiracies, this could be our worst nightmare scenario.

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