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Outside Looking in....

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 09:04 PM
for the past year or so I have been watching the elections... Also watching our economy... I also predicted we would see a inflated economy success story occur just as every other time when it was time to elect another president.

miraculously now after 4 years according to the one of the dumbest Governmental barometers that determine whether people are working or not is at the lowest it has been in years..
We were also told about 4 years ago, if we put our children and grand children in debt for the rest of their lives not to mention ourselves we would all have kick arse jobs.. Well guess what folks...

The same bullcrap since Nixon, happened...

ATS, is one of many social sites I visit to get my news, and seeing how people in real life, ordinary folks are arguing with one another over democrats and republicans, especially in ATS, really shows the intelligence of our country...

You see this is what I have come up with ladies and gentlemen..

There are more children starving in America, then their was decades ago.... Our debt in INSANE... Trillions of dollars and its still going up... As we speak.... No big creation of jobs, more people working harder for less money or the same, people who have not gotten raises in years, we manufacture very little much less then a decade ago. The Government's plan by both idiotic Parties is to tell the other idiots listening, we are going to manufacture energy... Last I checked electricity, is a service, not really a product people want, can't really export it, and if everyone is doing it who will pay for it..

The World is heating up War climate wise... The middle east is a mess, more so then usual it was more stable btw during Saddam's time..
We killed him thou, no one around really to keep Iran, in check...
Oh wait we have to do it now... Since Israel, is our puppet they do not count.

here is how I see it... No matter who is President come 2013, its going to be the same story in Washington, Corrupted congressmen, and Senators listening to lobbyist instead of citizens, for example Obama care.

in 2012 we can barely afford food, 3 dollar plus gas electricity car insurance, hell after 2016 or so, we have to have health insurance as well or goto jail.. MADNESS....

No one... Not no one is pissed off, screaming at their senators or VOTING to make a difference.. If they were.. We would not be electing either Obama, or Romney.. What ever name you change, your still going to be following the same thing..

Anyhow just wanted to make a post.. I had been seeing some nasty arguing over democrats and republicans.. I have not seen a real democrat since Kennedy, I have not seen a real Republican, since Reagan or Ford.. Clinton, was such a moderate I do not consider him a Democrat, he did nothing really, made no big decisions.. Went along with his house and Senate quite well.. The Bush's were not good Presidents.. Obama, is radical After another 4 years if he is re-elected America will look more communist then Socialist.. Once the Government tells us how to live, what to eat, and forces us to have health insurance, I assure you alcohol, cigarettes, hell even sugar, and stuff like that will be so expensive you cannot have it, OR it will be outlawed..

At least that is someone's crazy idea.. Since you know.. We are dumb civilians...

Before anyone asks, I have no idea, how to fix America, or repair her.. It seems America, just does not listen.. She is an overweight out of shape country, that needs a diet, and lots of exercise.. Sadly thou, it appears she is just to lazy and would rather sit around eat and watch xfactor, post lazy vain pictures of herself on facebook, and text meaningless words to herself on the couch, while all the time the wolves and buzzards are circling the wagon..

God bless America...

keep your wits about you fellow citizens..

til next time.

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 09:07 PM
Yes it's insane when the health care insurance (Obamacare) costs more than your rent or mortgage. Very insane.

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