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A Super nova in the minds eye.

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 06:47 PM
This moment this instance of now is the moment of creation; and the source of all ideas on earth, and possibly throughout the heavens. The spark initiation of ideas; a Super nova in the minds eye.

We see and feel effects of these ideas flowing out of our actions into the physicality of the world around us; like a estuary of vines flowing into and growing onto everthing accessible within lifes habitable pool of object forms.

This is the flow of the lifeforce and attempts have been made in different historical references to a way of describing it, as a Holy spirit, or a God and the casting of its Divinity. In eastern mysticism "possibly" this is what is known as TAO.

Whatever it can be called is only a description for placing labels on its permutations of actions that are not limited at least to the physical forms, but also grasp the inner experiences; emotional experiences.

Yes the vegetation entanglements of emotions experiences, and for some of these the entanglement is heavy with the vines roots run deepy and firmly embedded in the soil of life.


Some questions obvioulsy arise from the preamble as to the nature, purpose and origin of the vine. Is it not a vine of control?

What is the symbiotica relationship does it have with the creatures objects it grasps.

What of this vine where is its beginning and where does it end?

What is its purpose malevolence, enlightenment or no more than to fulfil a need or function to its own survival?

And even more mysteriously where is the originating source, and the nature of the source?

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

so this vine you talk about, is what is happening at this moment in time, as i write.

so your talking about a vine of time, or something like that?

this is similar to what i was thinking about today, and this is just my own thoughts and opinions, but i think of it like this,
everything we do, say, think, and even our actions, our mistakes, our glorified moments, are all things that were supposed to happen, all a part in this vine, or this whole ripple effect in time.

so if somebody does something bad, they were supposed to do that one bad thing, because possibly, that one bad thing changed somebody else's life and made them do something that they were meant to do, whether it be something great, or even another bad mistake, or whatever!, but in both of those things happening, it made a ripple effect that made its way to someone else's life and made it so something great could happen....

if that makes sense to you? haha.. and if you think about it on a worldwide scale, or even think about what has happened in the past.... everything that has happened in our past, has happened so that we could be here in this reality, and in this time and have the problems and stuff that we have today.

and possibly there is the end result of everything, something that is the most important thing that is going to happen in all time, maybe you could say what happens in revelation or something, god comes down and gets rid of evil and everything is back to being perfect..... so if that is something that is meant to happen, or whatever is meant to happen, whatever it is, in order for that to happen, everything that does happen, is meant to happen, in order for the end result to happen... haha... so every little thing is a ripple effect in time, leading to this huge super nova ripple of perfectness...

i dont know if this makes sense to whoever reads this, but to me it does, and i think of it like this,
whatever happens, is meant to happen for the greater good, its something that is greater than we can persieve, so even if its something bad for us, or people start to die and it looks like something we label as bad, maybe that had to happen, in order for something great to happen.

because i see it like this, as much bad that happens in life, there has to be a good that comes from it, so if something goes bad, there will be something in life after it that is good..... if something is really bad, there is going to be something really good after!..

these are just my own thoughts and beliefs haha.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:01 PM
reply to post by willrush

i dont know if this makes sense to whoever reads this, but to me it does, and i think of it like this,
whatever happens, is meant to happen for the greater good, its something that is greater than we can persieve, so even if its something bad for us, or people start to die and it looks like something we label as bad, maybe that had to happen, in order for something great to happen.

Yes you have read the intent of the OP perfectty. Beautiful reply

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 09:38 AM
not a super nova but the universe itself exists within our third eye pineal gland. that is the eye responsible for taking us to different dimensions to live and learn from spirits of a higher realm or consciousness known as unity, where everyone lives in peace, happiness and love. trust me my third eye has taken me all over the universe to meet all kinds of beings.

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 10:54 AM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

awesome! haha.. i was hoping i wasnt rambling on about something completely different than what you were talking about haha.

but it is interesting.... that day when i posted that, yesterday, i had actually been thinking about this exact thing in my head... closing my eyes cuz i was tired, and my mind started to race and think, and that was something i was thinking about, very interesting that on the same day i come to ATS and find your thread talking about the same thing! haha.

i actually have this other belief as well......and this fits in with the law of attraction, if your not familiar with it you should check that out!, but because i was thinking about this exact thing in my head, that later in the day the same type of subject was attracting itself to me..... i mean, its a little theory, haha.

but there is a great thread about the law of attraction that is pretty crazy to read, its kind of long, but its great stuff. i can try and find it and send the link if your interested.

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 07:31 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

Reading this just now makes me think of a thought I had last night. I was thinking about how everything I know and have been told about reality resides inside my mind. I believe there's a reality outside my mind, but I cannot deny that everything I am and know exists inside my mind and my concept of reality is similarly confined. I thought to myself that my eyes trap light, my ears trap sounds, my skin traps touch, my nose traps smells, my tongue traps tastes and lastly, my mind traps reality. When I read the preamble in the OP, I imagined the "soul" as being the concept of reality that's trapped inside the mind. Each of us have a slightly different conception of it.

But that's as far as the idea went. I got stuck on "the mind traps reality."

I'll speculate...

Reality is not like sound or light or taste or smell or touch. Those things are sub-members of reality. Reality is more than them. Reality, best I can explain, is an process, over time. A process that acts on properties. To be understood it must be observed over time. It's not understood by an ear or an eye or a nose or a tongue or the skin, but by a mind.

What's a mind? I'm not sure. I remember a long time ago wondering about this. I think I remember thinking that a mind reflects... it stores memories... and it spontaneously acts. But it's just a starting point. The seeming fact that I exist inside this universe means that I am fundamental, just like a particle. We're permutations of the fabric of existence. But... how? Is there a why?

I'm just throwing things out there. Wondering. As helpless as a mouse. It may as well be gibberish and probably is. But wondering is its own reward, regardless of its merit. I enjoy it, usually. But sometimes i come across dirty places or miserable things. The place I'm at now is not those.
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posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 08:13 PM
reply to post by jonnywhite

What's the something that creates mind?

A scientiist will say the DNA or the Brain. What intelligence is the creator of that i dont know. The awareness resides in the background behind thought. Mabey its appropriates to describe awarness with an analogy as an observer, a spectator. Question is how did the spectators awarness arrive in the stadium of life, and what is the true nature of the observer, does he have any purpose beyond the stadium or is his existance completely bounded within the confines of the stadium.

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by willrush

Well you put it that way... Over 99.9% of all life on earth that has existed is extinct. All for what? Complex life. And, perhaps, human beings? All this death and destruction, so humans can exist.

And say we die too, somewhere, someday. Which leads to...

Over 99.9% of all life in the universe that has existed is extinct.

All for what? Ask the overlords? Maybe ask the overmind?

Maybe all this evolution, otherwise known as death and destruction, has a good ending.

Sometimes I think that if time travel into the past is possible and the past was changed(*) then God exists both in our future and in our past for the same reasons mentioned here. In other words, at some point in our future God evolves into being. God is the culmination of evolution. God travels into the past to the beginning of time and links all life with the overmind. God has the final word on any time travel experiments and whatever can be changed in the past has probably already been changed. This is hte same kind of argument used when saying that if time travel were possible we would see examples of it except that I am saying that we don't necessarily have to see examples for it to be true. (Only problem is do we exist in the timeline where God changed the past?)

Here's some related reading: - Grandfather paradox...

This is the Novikov self-consistency principle:

The Novikov self-consistency principle and Kip S. Thorne expresses one view on how backwards time travel could be possible without a danger of paradoxes. According to this hypothesis, the only possible time lines are those entirely self-consistent—so anything a time traveler does in the past must have been part of history all along, and the time traveler can never do anything to prevent the trip back in time from happening, since this would represent an inconsistency. Nicholas J. J. Smith argues, for example, that if some time traveler killed the child who lived in his old address, this would ipso facto necessitate that the child was not the time traveler's younger self, nor the younger self of anyone alive in the time frame that the time traveler came from.

This is hte self-consistency issue. The issue that there can't be time paradoxes. I favor this principle when thinking about time travel into the past, but it's not the only one.

My argument is that:
a) Evolution culmiinates in the creation of God
b) Time travel is possible and the past can be changed

A) and B) lead to all life-forms from beginning to end being linked to God.

But if the past cannot be changed then perhaps God can at least remember the past by examining it. If anybody has any chance of remembering or restoring history, it'll be God. And so life-forms won't live forever but at least we can be remembered if somebody cares to look.

Ultimately, I have no idea. It was just an idea about God I wanted to share. Maybe God has always existed and doesn't have to be created in our future or maybe God will never exist. Idk.

Assumptions + Ignorance + Stupidity = I'm dumb. Again, I am a mouse. *sniffs for some cheese*
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:43 AM
reply to post by jonnywhite

you know. its awesome that there are other people taking their minds to this kind of extent of thinking!...

it really does take the kind of mind that can except that any possibility could be possible, or, what if any possibility is possible, or what if it isnt?

i just got out of a huge conversation about god, creation, life, what reality is about, or even what reality is... i mean, it is something that can never be explained to any human being, everything is just too massive to even wrap our minds around it to even realize...

you can always think you have one set belief, or believe something might be true, or something isnt true...
but it always takes that one thought about,,,,,,, what if?...

what if i punched a hole in the wall?

what if i meteor came down and killed me.. what if?

i mean... does it mean that it isnt possible?... or that it didnt happen?.. yeah, maybe it didnt happen in your mind, or in this reality, but its only how we perceive it.. what if, all possibilities that could happen, did happen, all things that could be possible, or could happen, every single possibility does happen, but we are only experiencing what we experience.... we take it as it comes, we dont notice anything, were just living and going along with it all... but what if we were able to choose which reality we could live, and experience?...

idk.. im getting ahead of myself, missing a lot of important things about this subject and rambling on about one little piece of this HUGE concept.. haha

but honestly... what i think god, or this higher being of everything really is...... is every possible thought, every possible thing that is something that exists... every moment in time, all things that is something physical, and all things that could be imagined or even all things that could be possible... and even more than all of that, everything that ever was, is god, and i think, how things started is that god, the first conscious thing ever, realized that it was conscious, and thought, oh what if this, what if that... and thoughts started to become reailty and everything that could be thought of, all possibilities that could be happened in this one whole mind, and everything that is everything happens in gods mind.....

or not?... haha.. i really cant get what i see in my mind, and how i think in it typed down.. because its more than just words, its more than anything physical......

and we dont even know about it, its all just unknown, and this whole evolutionary process of life is a learning process to be able to get the minds that god created to realize EVERYTHING....

whatever EVERYTHING is... its something, and its there, and its bigger than what we can even think. and its awesome.

hahah.. oh my, talking about this is so... intense... i feel like this isnt going to do any good, but maybe im writing this for some other person to read it, and they were meant to read it, and its just all apart of getting humanity to.. realize.. and just closer to ... whatever it is......

what are your thoughts ats?

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by willrush

I read through and i believe you reached the truth all on your own

whatever EVERYTHING is... its something, and its there, and its bigger than what we can even think. and its awesome.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 10:41 AM
Sometimes I'm on the toilet and wondering and then I'll think something like "I think, therefore I am." If I AM, if I EXIST then I come from somewhere, right? I AM REAL. But where? Where do I come from? If I am real, I believe I must come from somewhere and that somewhere is larger than me.

To me, it means there's more than just me. Because I don't believe I can exist in a void. It's a reassuring thought because so much in this reality confuses me or kills my desire. The one anchor I can hold onto is myself. I believe I am real. And since I do, I also believe I must come from somewhere. It's that thought alone. It doesn't have to be answered. To me, it's self-evident. I come from something larger. And even if I do exist in a void, these thoughts add solidness to things.

It's hard to explain. But I'll be on the toilet and think Is anything at all real? What do we KNOW? All of this activity in the world is so amazing, but what if it IS just a dream? These sorts of thoughts are not something I add a lot of weight to, but I MUST admit to myself that there's very little if anything that I KNOW. Both logically and observationally. I only really KNOW that "I think, therefore I am."

I'm certain a psychologist or psychoanalyst would say I have some sort of disorder. That I am disassociating myself from reality somehow or somehow removing myself from it. But in my mind, if they could actually be there and read the thoughts rather than be on the outside having to rely on my translations, they'd see that I DO add MUCH weight to the idea of reality being a solid and REAL experience. But the thing is, logically, I tell myself that everything my mind experiences is relayed to me via my five senses and thus I am living a virtual experience just as though reality were transmitted to me across a telephone line. Reality is a signal that our brain receives. Naturally, it's the persistence and the complexity of the signal that convinces us that reality is real. But for me, the questions don't stop there. They go on and on and ask not what's most plausible but what's real? How do I know these signals are real? They sure seem real and I depend on reading them correctly to survive. (Ignoring reality is not healthy, in fact, it's deadly.) Nonetheless, their true nature still escapes me and no matter how strongly I believe reality is real it doesn't quell the questions.

I used to be a christian until about maybe 9 years ago or so. And even up to a few years ago ideas of God still crossed my mind. But I think my exposure to religion from a young ago has had an impact on my life and might possibly be one of the reasons I even ask these questions at all.

Yes, if I jump off a cliff, I'll die. If I stop eating, I'll die. If I walk into a forest fire, I'll die. Reality is not a dream unless you wake up from it and I have no reason to think I'll wake up from this. I DO believe I won't wake up from this reality when I die, but I don't believe that this fact alone means it's real.

To me, these questions are no worse than somebody believing in Jesus Christ. In fact, I think these thoughts aren't even as bad as that because I don't BELIEVE with all my might. Even though it's true that I trust in the idea that I think, therefore I am, I cannot say I have unshaking faith. For example, I'd not die for what I believe in the same way a Christian would. There's less conviction.

But are these thoughts helpful? Some would say that religion helps people get by in life. It helps them survive the lows and keeps their head up (knowing that there's a life after this one). It keeps them in line because if they do wrong then they're punished for eternity. It has a lot of societal benefits. But if my thoughts don't have these same benefits or don't have a net positive influence then even though they're not any less real than religion they're of less value in this life and thus disfavored.

I think religion could be called sanctioned insanity.

But honestly, I recall reading a study that concluded ALL humans have irrational thinking. So even if I am displaying irrational thoughts about reality, I doubt I am alone in this respect.
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posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 11:36 AM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

you know... i would like to think what i believe is the truth.... because how i see it all.. is such a beautiful and loving thing. and is the most wonderful thing that could ever be imagined.

but really.. there is no way of knowing, and talking about it, and thinking about it is all we are able to do...

i mean, if i wanted to take the chance and try and really know what it all is, and try and engulf myself in this energy of things,, i would try and meditate and ask my own self these questions and ask about the higher being. and im sure if i took those routes, i would find what we call... truth.... but that is not something i am going to do..

not that i wouldnt love to know...i just dont think that is where my life is supposed to be, so all that is left to do is wait, and see where that takes us.

i mean, sooner or later something is going to happen,,, people are going to have a great awakening... its going to be epic.

but for something wonderful like that to happen,,,, there has to be some sort of bad thing that happens.

and maybe it will be that all of the evil that is in this world. all of the bad. and everything that strings off from evilness. is going to be wiped out of our lives. or maybe, we ourselves. our true beings will descend and leave all of the evil behind us and live in the life that is left, which would be everything that is wonderful. and good. and perfection.

so you could say that this destruction that could happen... this killing off of alot of people. maybe in a world war. the bad against the good. or the non believers against the believers. whatever..... maybe its just a seperation process to see what side we want to be on... to see where we want to go with our lives.

and it sucks for the people that are blinded from all of this... and they wont even know what to do!.. im sure if everyone knew that it would all be ok and everyone would choose love and happiness.

but thats not the case. and people are kept from knowing about it all. and so since they dont know. they cant choose. so something has to happen to make them choose what they want.

haha . i dont know. but this has been a wonderful conversation! haha

posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by willrush

haha . i dont know. but this has been a wonderful conversation! haha

Reading through your reply i felt like i fell down the Rabbit Hole and now feel totally lost.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 11:32 PM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

haha.. thats awesome... the "rabbit hole" is a fun place to be.. but its still so mysterious

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