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Single mom challenges dismissal from Air Force

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 12:30 PM

Rebecca Edmonds grew up a military kid and, like most military families, often moved as her dad rose through the ranks of the Navy.

Enamored with the military and her father's service to his country, Edmonds decided in high school that military life was calling her.

"I think it's definitely a tight-knit community, and I was willing to be a part of that," Edmonds recalled of her decision to join the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, commonly called ROTC, at age 18.

"I think the families are welcomed. I remember going to a base, and we'd be welcomed by these families we didn't even know. "

When the Air Force offered her a full scholarship to Marquette University, Edmonds jumped at the chance to become a nurse and serve her country. Marquette is a Catholic university, a perfect fit for the practicing Catholic.

The article is rather lengthy so you might want to read at least most of it before jumping in, but long story short, girl gets knocked up and thrown out. Now, she proclaims the policy of the Air Force encourages abortion and this is against her beliefs. Well, last I checked sex outside of marriage is against Catholic doctrine too. Maybe she missed that in confirmation classes? She is going to be forced to pay back her 92,000 dollar scholarship. The article itself is badly written. The author uses the word "enlisted" for this woman. Officers aren't enlisted, they are commissioned.

Personally, I think she's a dumbass. Read what you are signing before you sign it. The rules are the rules, if you don't like em don't join. I've never seen an active duty branch that allows single parents to enlist anyway. Normally you have to give custody of your child to someone else for awhile unless things have changed. The laughable part of this is they gave her the option to get married and keep her commission. She is living with the guy anyway so just shotgun it and get married.

Now, Do you think the policy encourages abortion? Does it encourage people to give up their children? I tend to think it's more of a common sense position as you could very well make the child an orphan.
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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 12:34 PM
This is a sensitive subject....

I want equal rights for both men and women, but there is a reason that women were not allowed in the military for many years - this being just one of the reasons.

I don't think the Air Force is pro abortion, or encourages it. Its a simple case of her not being available at all times while she is pregnant, and being a danger to herself, her unborn child, and others while working in a military establishment.

She would not be able to perform certain tasks while pregnant, and thus is not as valuable of an asset as she was when allowed in.

The only analogy that I can give is if I was in a construction company, and suddenly couldn't lift over 30 pounds. I wouldn't be very valuable in that line of work anymore.

There are many things that could go wrong, and the Air Force could be liable if she got hurt for this while pregnant; or if any others, including her baby, got hurt.

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