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Alien invasion dream

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:17 AM
Had a dream of a three part alien invasion. It was more like a movie where I was an observer but I felt I was the main character. The first part of the dream was set during a holiday where the family was gathered. The attack from above was all mechanical with robotic type aliens. There were aircrafts and explosions of clouds and dust billowing towards us. Everybody was outside watching in awe. Many were heading to their vehicles to outrun the cloud. I chose to try to survive and escape. None of my family wanted to leave. This seems beyond my character to leave my family behind but this is how the dream went. Later returning to the desolate area to find no trace of life or of the dead.

The second stage was an attack by huge 20 ft tall ape type huminoids with huge long arms. At this point there were no vehicles, guns or any other type of weaponry. There was no military left. People were fighting with whatever they had left. Hand to hand combat and loosing very badly. These aliens were all animal with no weapons or clothing. They did not seem technically advance but they were extra terrestrial. They were piling up humans in huge piles in the streets. It was brutal.

As I made my way through the cities I found a containment camp that I observed from a distance. Here I found that my family was still alive. Malnurished but still alive. So I tried to rescue them. Apparently, in the first stage of the attack, the billowing clouds were some sort of chloroform sleeping gas weapon. People were then collected and transported.

The third part of the invasion was the actual aliens that orchestrated the attack. They were human. Highly advanced. They looked more medieval with full body armor and wielded swords. They were transparent and appeared to be more like a ghost form. They could occasionaly take sold form. They seamed all powerful and were unbeatable as I watched a few hand to hand battles with them and humans. The only weapon they carried was a sword. There ability to remain into a non physical form was their ultimate advantage. They never lost.

Later on I was living in the mountains and walked into the nearest town. No electricity, no cars, and very few people. The three people I tried to talk to were almost identical about 16 years old. They had the intellect of a three year old. They had absolutely no fight in them and no will power. These few people left did not have the ability of language. I remember thinking this is the new reality. Sad. Then three or four horse drawn carriages rushed into the small town in a tight formation. My assumption was the carriages were delivering food.

That was the end.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:31 AM
I'm gonna need a bigger gun. And a gas mask. Anybody got a howitzer cheap?

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:07 PM
Interesting dream! I don't typically (if ever) have alien invasion dreams but your dream reminded me of one a few weeks ago.

When you mentioned exploding clouds it made me look twice, and would love to share mine if you don't mind. Mine starts at what seems to be an unfamiliar campsite, sitting around a fire at night when I notice what I would describe as popcorn clouds as they were popping up one after another in same area like a pan of corn popping in the sky. As the number increased, the original ones were getting larger so that they actually were starting to overlap. During this time i noticed 2 other areas of these clouds developing. I had a sense of dread and remember thinking they must be some sort of explosions, but caused by what, meteor shower gone wrong or what? That's when I saw 2 large helicopters, looked military, and I went from dread to panicking and began trying to warn people that something was about to go horribly wrong but nobody would listen. Then the first ship popped out of the cloud and I said forget you all and sprinted for a nearby pavilion. As I dove under the table i looked back to see the first helicopter get shot down followed immediately by the other. I watched in horror as more helicopters arrived only to immediately go down as many more ufos popped out of the clouds. Neon green beams began shining down and everyone the light touched disappeared. When I woke i was so disturbed by the clarity of the details that I grabbed my son's notebook and used the light from my phone to sketch out the clouds and the ships unable to relax until I was sure I had it right. I don't do that!

I am sorry to post such a long account on your thread I know I tend to be longwinded, but I wanted to share the similarity of the exploding cloud before the attack, as I found it interesting.

Thank you for starting this thread, I actually clicked on this forum specifically wondering if anyone has had similar dream and am glad I did!

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:17 PM
What a disturbing dream TamTammy!

While I think invasion is possible, I don't think it's probable. I do believe some of the abductee's and channelers who claim they have communications with off earth intelligences. They say a galactic force is in place to prevent hostile take overs of planets as you describe. Hopefully, this is true.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:23 PM
Thank you both of you for sharing your dreams, hope you don't mind if I share mine. A couple of months ago, I had a dream where I was outside and planes just started falling out of the sky. Then birds, bugs, balloons, and pretty much everything that floats or flies fell out of the sky. Then came the aliens. The aliens looked just like us except they had a 3rd mini arm on their left side which they kept hidden unless they were using it to shoot us. There was no way to tell them apart from human except that arm. My dream also ran like a movie, with them chasing us and trying to kill us. In my dream, they needed a home and decided on ours. It was very realistic. I do not in any way believe this dream is prophetic, I just have vivid dreams. Just wanted to share this one.

posted on Oct, 27 2012 @ 01:41 PM
reply to post by TamtammyMacx

I had a weird alien invasion dream a long time ago. Made a thread about it here:Odd Alien Dream/Possible Premonition?

It was so out of the norm for me to have that kind of dream. I'll post it here for you so you don't have to visit the thread, it is long dead.

I was standing in a room with the new Iraqi leader, I was a scientist. The new leader was wearing a blue turbin and a goddy cloak, was rather well dressed. Very elegent. Anyways...he was performing a ritual with several other men, they were sacrificing people trying to bring about Christ. They killed one man, and nothing happened at first...then the ground shook and a large grandfather clock in the room went nuts...the hands of the clock started spinning around...and it stopped on Midnight. Suddenly a digital readout on the clock under where the arms turn lit up...and it said...Christ is coming....then...Christ is here...and the clock started to chime...and all of these grey aliens appeared, just suddenly they were there...there was like this red ring of light on the ground right before one would appear in the spot where the ring was. And there were thousands of them..millions ...they deffinetly outnumbered the people. They started killing everyone...any human they saw, they killed. I ran from the room dodging attacks, and they were just picking people off left and right. I ran to the edge of the parimiter, and dove into the water, for some reason the aliens could not go into salt water. I started to swim twards a dock, and the dock was also full of aliens, I dove under the dock and started to swim benieth it, I was passing up bodies along the way...and the aliens were trying to snag me with all of these hooks. Then I woke up, was 3:30 Anyways, it was a darn scary dream. I just thought I would post it here and throw it out in the open. I dunno what to make of it other than if it wasnt a dream we are in trouble...LOL

Scared me back then, didn't know what to think of it, but I think now it was just a reflection of inner fears.
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posted on Jan, 31 2016 @ 11:07 PM
I had a strange dream about aliens so I woke up found this website because I wanted to talk about it . In my dream I was in a small city where I grew up and I was walking through the town and I started seeing tiny aliens with a vague and indescribable appearance . As I continued walking I heard people talking about an alien invasion and how we have ignored the signs for way too long . It was in the newspaper and on the news in my dream as well . The odd thing was some aliens were coming from the sky but a good majority were coming from out the ground . The ground would shake and then a mysterious hole would form with smoke coming out of it and then tiny aliens would appear from the holes . I began to flee but the holes kept appearing from out of nowhere and then this little girl was attempting to follow me wherever I went but I had no clue of what I could do to save her or myself . I've trained myself to wake up from nightmares if they get too intense . When I awoke I could still remember my dream in vivid detail everything I saw . I'm wondering if anyone has had a similar dream recently because this is the first dream about aliens I've ever had .

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