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Dreaming of stars or alien objects circling

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 10:04 AM
I am not one to think about strange alien phenomenom in my waking life, period. Give me some good physical doom. breakdown, civil unrest, ok maybe a solar event that knocks out the grid, but not aliens or wierd never before seen things. But for the second time in a month, last night being the latest, I am dreaming of our skies at night filling with strange white to transparent things moving above us circling us. This vision I have never seen before, not on tv, not in a movie, but both dreams were almost exact.

These thousands of lights seem to be convening over our earth in a fast pace, some are round and some are like short lines. A few in the pack drag with them these translucent bags that seemed to glow yellowish like a jellyfish. In my dream I got the impression they were like extra fuel. In these 2 dreams I and everyone is outside and mesmerized by the vision of this, and scared but not so scared as to run or do anything. Actually the first time I dreamed this, the lights were fewer, and not as obvious, last night's dream, the night sky is a light show, of silent white orbs and short lines.

It's just a dream, I know, but when you can not even imagine something in your mind prior to a dream it does make you wonder, what the heck? I woke up before anything else happened, but at the end I was starting to have an epiphany, or just started to shake myself from being mesmerized and thought, time to move into survival mode. Oh, an in the dream, I did actually think could this be an ellaborate illusion, like Bluebeam (which I've read about here minimally in years past).

Anyone dreaming of anything similar? Just curious.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 07:51 PM
Interesting as your dream is very close to what I have experienced on many occasions over the years. I watched as these lights darted in wonderful patterns and as you mentioned filled the skies. In fact I have had this recently. On a side note, in a couple of these, I saw planes falling from the sky. I knew them to be military type that were there to attack the lights, but I felt no threat from the coming of the ufo's.

One of my latest, was similar, only this time they, or some of them were very close to the earth. Surprise, they were cylindrical and sent small cylinders down to the people watching from the ground. I picked up one and knew I was to open it, but we were told that each person was keyed to only on cylinder, so I picked one that felt right. Then as I tried to open it, I was prompted to apply my thumb to the key area and it opened.

Inside was this yellowish substance which I tasted, for I knew it was there for that purpose. As soon as I did this, I was free and floated up along with many others, joyful and happy to an extreme, then woke up smiling.

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 12:58 AM
I used to have some really bizarre alien invasion dreams. Beautiful lights in patterns across the sky. Sometimes just regular lights, sometimes in beautiful color combinations and patterns. People were in awe and running out of their homes to witness the event, but I had an overwhelming feeling of dread and stayed hidden with some other people.

Some people thought that because they were so enchantingly beautiful that they were benevelent, but they wern't. Some kind of light beam would shoot down and kill people.
Military planes were shot down.

The sight of the entire sky filled with such beautiful lights and patterns was truly amazing, but deadly. In following dreams, I was on the run joining up with others. We would help each other find food and shelter. Frightening!

I had these dreams for while, but havn't had any lately.

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 09:59 AM
reply to post by sailormon

Interesting that your dream also involved something yellow that was substance-like.

I can't say much more on this, since it was only dreams, but it did feel kind of prophetic so that's why I shared. Only time will tell....

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