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Piercing the Veil

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 10:22 PM
This is a little creative endeavor of mine after coming to realize that I have an affinity for music through my strong Throat Chakra bond. I thought I would try my hand at songwriting based on my beliefs and ideals so that they might invoke the needed emotion. Let me know what you all think xD

Time is crashing down,
I'll stay till the shift,
When we all rejoin the Source,
But I just gotta see it crumble down.
The Magicians turned to the dark side,
Plunging the blade into Humanity's back.
They turned us into their rabbit for the show,
The trick is on us,
For we insisted on leaving Neverland.
Only children shall enter the Higher Planes,
To enter the kingdom, disassociation you must gain.
Dissonance decayed the youthful harmony,
The two made one again by matrimony.

Transmutate the Dark,
To pierce the Veil.
Walk in the Light,
To embrace the Love.

The Eye journeys to Amenti,
Where long will you meditate on the Keys.
The visualization grows clear,
The Thymus will turn green.
Compassion and Self-sacrifice is Salvation,
Transcend the vertebraes to know the thirty-three Kingsmen.
Transmutation of dark brings light,
The light will shine ever so bright.
Let the light outshine the abyss,
To break free from the clouds of negativity,
Drop the shackles of flesh,
And you will know the Otherworld.
Trace your path to the Great Hall,
Beckon Master Thoth closer with the Word,
Then he will leave the Great Triangle to teach you the All.

Transmutate the Dark,
Walk through in the Light,
Embracing the Love,
Will pierce through Isis Veil.

I descend down the silver cord unto my feet,
Stumbling down the esoteric rungs,
Eyes flutter open to the taste so sweet,
Sucking the first breath into my lungs,
I reflect on all that happened,
And all that has yet to happen.
I must contemplate the twin serpents,
To balance out my duality.
All that I am is the effect of a cause.
When I mind the cause,
I will master the effects.
Reach through the mirror,
Banish the animal and take back your divinity,
We have all been here for eternity.

Conquering the path of the Light,
Embracing the Infinite Love,
Transmutating the Dark,
To pierce through the Veil of Night.

Atrophy that which separates you from the All,
And your Eye will pierce through the Veil.
In that moment Truth will be revealed,
That we are all of one mind.
In your rebirth loving others,
Is loving the Self,
Those who can project the Visuals;
Can leave behind all that seems dark and dismal.

The Light is beginning to tunnel out,
The Love is returning to one Source,
Darkness has transmutated into Gold,
Isis beckons you beyond the Veil.

The Eye can teach what Albus couldn't imagine,
But that is haf the secret to magick.
Know ye the Kybalion,
To know All lies in the Mental,
If ye cry 'Mountain, move!' it shall.
The Forty-Six will crystalize the Two,
Reject your Ego to spread forth your wings,
And to demand back your Halo.
As our Eye shoves aside the Veil,
Mother Isis admits us to our Sanctum,
Where she reveals the Secret Teachings.
Take no thought and meditate upon the symbols,
We will perform the 'Great Work',
Transmutating our Lead to Gold.
Thus completing this Rubik's Cube,
Full of dysfunction and dissonance.
The Serpentine have been sued what the sowed.
Lie in the Sarcophagus and await the Word.
Om will send you through the reflection in the mirror,
Where waits Wise Master Thoth,
Just ever deeper beyond the Veil.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 10:58 PM
The lyrics are certainly impressive and knowlegable, but a song with no music
is not a song.

Why don't you record yourself friend, and throw the audio/video up?

I, for one, would like to hear it.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by VeritasAequitas

Dear VeritasAequitas,

Clearly you put a lot of thought and heart into the lyrics and it is appreciated. Would really love to hear the rhythm, if you post the song, I will listen to it, I just can't figure the tune out in my heads with just the words.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 05:05 AM
reply to post by AQuestion

I'm currently working this out myself. Would love to see it in a finished work; even in my head. Have something to work towards.

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