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Cyber Warfare - the current and the next evolutionary/revolutionary stages

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 09:42 PM
Mods please move if posted in wrong forum.

What I am looking for is not a simple yes or no answers but rather I invite everyone on ATS to a cyber warfare discussion.

Now that we have seen the first large scale and modern cyber warfare attacks by US and Iran and even though the cyber warfare is still in infancy and attacks though grand, their objective is some what limited and it is only logical to assume that countries around the world will start working on setting up cyber warfare units and command structure so now I seek the next evolutionary stage for this new kind of weapon and war. What do the the ATS member think will be the next evolutionary or revolutionary step in cyber warfare?

Is it going to be possible to hack in to the conventional weapons storage dumps and remote detonate them?

How about taking control of an aircrafts carriers systems and then set it off course or remote detonate all those GPS guided bombs?

How far are we from such a capability?

And how about can an enemy nation state hack in to the nuclear weapons command and control systems and launch them in to the host countries own targets or remote detonate them?

So tell me how far are we from such capabilities ?

This is an open discussion on the current and future capabilities of cyber warfare.

posted on May, 10 2013 @ 04:00 AM
Cyber Warfare, Most of us turn on our computers and do what we do with them. But a cyber attack is a reality and must be safe guarded against. We depend on computers for a lot of things and they are vulnarable to attack by coding and manufacturing. The more computer reliance becomes a standard the higher the level of deterance becones nessasary. Not an electronics expert or even a computer expert but I have read some things which would indicate that manufacuring as well as codeing needs to have oversite. Consider a vast majority of our chips come from ouside this country. There are genious out ther that can manipulate technology way beyone what you have ever heard of.


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