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The Greatest Cover-Up in Human History is FINALLY Exposed!!!

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posted on Nov, 12 2012 @ 02:27 PM
If your reading this, then I want you to know right away how important the following message means to me...

I am an artist.

Yeah...I draw pictures.

What many people dont realize, or rather appreciate, is the thought, skill, and time that factors into all of the artwork I create.

To be more specific, my comic Cover-Up has been an ongoing project that is more than just some pretty pictures of aliens and cool space scenes. It has turned into an important part of my life that has the potential to take me in many new and creative directions. Towards a fulfilling career, and for my own personal and artistic development.

On top of that, The story itself has been well researched, using references from "Behold a Pale Horse", "Gods of Eden", "The Chariot of the Gods", and "The Source Field Investigations" that lay the foundation for the real Cover-Up taking place right in front of our eyes...How we have fallen from grace and came to be decieved from knowing who we really are and our true potential. This story is all about what is occuring right now in our world and how the majority of us are still sleeping to the reality that truly exists. Its not just about aliens and some dude in a cowboy hat...its about enabling us whole again, and returning the world to its natural order.

However in order to obtain these goals, it requires a solid foundation of support from the local community and from friends and family through social networking.

The bottom line here is I have 13 days left in order to meet my goal of 13,000$ which will alow me the next 6 months to complete the first 96 page volume of my comic, Cover-Up. The cost also covers all expenses for promoting, publishing, and distributing the finished project.

This is really important to me, and will determine wether or not Ill be able to spend my next 6 months working on something I love, or if Ill have to resort to finding a 9-5 like most people have. This is my oppurtunity to get away from the daily grind and fulfill my desire to work and be compensated for what I am passionate about.

What I am asking from all of you here is to just help me promote the link above to as many friends, family, social networks, forums, youtube, wherever you can, to spread the word and get as many peoples support as possible. This means everything to me, and I would be forever grateful to those who are willing to spend a few mins here or there in helping me out.

Here is the link again,

Please and thanks to all who can lend a helping hand.

If you cannot donate or share the link, perhaps you have some ideas that could help spread the word faster? i am open to suggestions and all input, opinions, and criticism is welcomed.

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