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UN's Agenda with the worlds biggest trend setters?

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Source: (video) Here i want to look at Psy, The gangnam creator.

"In a departure from his usual schedule, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has found time to take a visit from the supersonic skydiver Felix Baumgartner and the global pop sensation Psy. "


"Ban said he felt overshadowed by his countryman Psy, who showed off some of the wacky dance moves that have been viewed more than 530 million times on YouTube.

"I'm a bit jealous. Until two days ago someone told me I am the most famous Korean in the world. Now I have to relinquish. I have no regrets," said Ban, who tried the Gangnam Style routine."

The pop star also heaped praise on Ban, telling reporters: "So now you have first and second famous Korean in the same building."

"For all the Koreans he is the guy, you know, in everyone's heart in Korea, the best among the best," Psy said. "To be here and he knows me, even the thing that he knows me is so touching right now and he's saying he saw my video, he counted my video views."

And now about Felix Baumgartner

Ban was also diverted from conflict in Syria and other world hotspots with his earlier meeting with Baumgartner.

"I am officially retired from the daredevil business now," the 43-year-old Austrian told Ban, though he offered to give the UN leader a skydiving lesson.

"We talked about what I accomplished on October 14 and about future plans, how to inspire young people and women," Baumgartner told AFP after his meeting with Ban."

Interesting, So General Ban from the UN is now in charge of trend setters relations? Diverted from the conflict in Syria and other hot spots to meet Baumgartner? Wow this must be important to put such miniscule events on the shelf for a moment to have a word with this daredevil. So the moment you gain the worlds attention, Guess who comes to pay you a little visit, General Ban from the UN? I'm perplexed. It says right on there in writing with Baumgartner "We talked about how to inspire young people and women" is inspire a nice word for control? To inspire someone you set the intentions of directing there behavior and actions. I raged a war against Jews because Hitler inspired me. So what is it that the UN could possibly be helping these already established human beings to inspire young people with? when in fact they have already accomplished just that on there own without the help of the UN.

So now the worlds attention is on these uncontrolled enthusiast. UN jumps in to help influence how they inspire our young (probably for a good amount of cash or other perks , houses, cars, free trips). To help push there agenda.

It would be good to know what other artist , singers, dare devils. People of the sheep class are possibly in the UN's web??

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