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My UFO experience

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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 04:10 AM
Normally i don't post this kind of subjects but this one really bugged me for a while.

At aprox. 2:40-2:45 last saturday i woke up all of a sudden and this was strange because this doesn't happen to me, at all only when something like an earthquake hits the region i live. After a couple of minutes i noticed through the window, above the appartement building next to mine, a huge red light that slowly pulsated, that thing just hovered there for the 20 minutes i looked at it. Thinking it was an airplane beacon (the kind of pulsating red light you put on top tall buildings to stop planes hitting the building) i went back to sleep. The next morning when i got up, i went on the balcony to do my morning routine and when i looked at the same apartement building i almost dropped my coffee cup when i didn't notice any beacon tower that could have made that light.

There couldn't be any other source for that light due to the height of the building that is one of the tallest in this neighborhood and due to the fact that i saw it from half way from my apartement building which gives me a viewpoint that continues towards the sky.

And a description of the object: the size was about the same as a small bus, round sphere with a wider base, red and slowly pulsating.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 06:29 AM
reply to post by AlexIR

Being aware of the existence of life other than this planet is just a good small step. To you, as for any one else, you may just be satisfied and stop looking for more with what you have just witnessed. But please also be reminded, that no one prohibits you or anyone else ever existed to be not satisfied with that and to keep looking for more that has been hidden from your sight. You have witnessed something that only a few shall ponder about. Yet I humbly congratulate you for you are one of that few who ponder and shall further ponder in the near future of your earthy life!

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 07:49 AM
I'm really skeptical about this whole UFO thing.

I'm conflicted as to what side I want to support - believers or nonbelievers.

Mean, believers have some good arguments but there is always some loop hole, and nonbelievers I guess have a lot more support because only so few has ever witnesses a UFO. Think if ever was to become a believer I'd have to witness one myself, too.

Not saying other life doesn't exist in the universe. Just skeptical if whether they have ever visited earth

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 10:39 AM
reply to post by AlexIR

Due to having to be there, and no one who hears an account even knows directly what the other is viewing, its hard to pin. But that is a very typical craft, covered with the red light, with nordics inside. They work with their own greys, there are many different types. However, the skies are filled with so many things, our own black ops stuff too. Literally call those the pleiadeans, blonds in blue uniforms. But others may experience red or orange covered lights from a different group its probably common.

Still that is the description of our most frequent sighting, and we've had many. And they were chased many times by choppers. They don't tend to unveil, appear, and hang around too long. But in the beginning in wakeups they do this more frequently until you're awake, if its not something of ours.

If it is something from Family, you'll know. That means you will be aware of other indications.

A few questions about the experience. Did you know, as if pinged inside, or connected to the craft, that it was a craft. You said it was soundless and hovered, did it arch way up high, to continue or disappear suddenly when it was finished? At what height? Did you feel connected to it, and did it seem to respond to your thoughts.
Have you had indications at night, ever felt hands on your head or moving covers, or missing time, while up.

Does any of this nudge you:

Especially the language or scripting:
Such as panic, or even something buried coming up?

There is something that most don't realize. Anytime anyone, sees a real craft that is not ours in the sky, they have had missing time.

Now in a stadium, late night sports events say, (most sightings occurs at night), even if you see it, most often, most people will not. They choose who sees, they unlock that frequency in the computer brain, so they can see more.

However, if everyone shares a sighting at a campsite or at a stadium, THEY HAVE ALL HAD MISSING TIME AT THAT MOMENT OF THE SIGHTING.
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posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 02:36 PM
The strange thing is that after i woke up i had a strange feeling of stress, energy and panic while i looked at it. I also felt a strange need to go outside like something was about to happen, like an earthquake so in order to be safe i needed to be outside, kind of like dogs when they sense it and scratch at the door to be left out.

But then again i just went back to sleep after 20 or so minutes of watching it, i didn't see it leave or dissapear or anything like that.

posted on Oct, 24 2012 @ 08:26 PM
reply to post by AlexIR

Just do some internal searches, meditation and even self hypnosis techniques are on youtube. Wakeups are not negative, though if a person is off track, lowering frequency, participating in things that have a group karma, and not denouncing all the negative plans, they can sometimes be a mirror. ie abuse of animals, being apathetic to nature and the pain and suffering all creatures great and small are going through, not searching out cruelty free solutions as much as possible.

There are many things we cannot avoid. That kind of karma dump the bloodlines are doing is completely sleazy, like a used car sales person and the only way to avoid some of this, is to have money, so only the yuppies can, in which case, its not valid in the least and their concept of blaming the poor is extremely distorted along with their duality god and dark path ideas. Its not valid. Not to mention that the True Higher Ups and the good cosmic people usually roll their sleeves and head to the trenches, they don't live yuppie lives.

So, for things like food, when sometimes you can't afford to not eat meat, you can't afford everything that it would take to be vegan. Well guess what, there is no karma when you see through the system, see their plans, denounce them as crimes against humanity and the universe and are only a hostile witness, yearning for and seeing the world you wish. Its undoes all their traps.

Also don't allow karma, see only forgiveness, healing, deprogramming and the universe's/heaven's best counselors not ever allowing anyone even the dark side, to fall through the cracks here. Use Love and positivity and awareness. Denounce them and do whatever you can, but don't sweat whatever you can't.

Wake ups are usually about deep soul searching and making changes in our lives. We have to strive to be as perfect and pure and loving as we can. We came in here, for reasons, to change weaknesses into strengths, and possibly even make a difference in our lives with friends, family, even those we're having a hard time with, turn the energies around, help others, and if we can to go further, to community, society, the world. In a sense, for those waking up, think this way.

What would the citizens of heaven or the highest eutopias do here, how would they respond, we're called to become our future steps here, and to be the cosmos helping this world here and now. Well one step at a time, as a person can, in a variety of circumstances, even health, for we are not all in equal situations, and in unequal ones, someone giving more of themselves may be doing very little in the eyes of a worldly one. But that is not how your Soul or Family judges. Someone giving very little, but in a sense their all, their emotions, their prayers, effort and intent and sharing the little they have with those around them, in their circumstance is doing far better than a rich healthy individual donating even 20% of their income, which could be millions to the poor, but living a self serving life.

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