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Police: Burned La. Woman Sharmeka Moffitt Made Up Racist Attack Story.

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 04:39 AM

Originally posted by 3chainz

Originally posted by silent thunder

Originally posted by skepticconwatcher
reply to post by MadhatterTheGreat

I will believe it when she herself says she made it up and apologizes. I am sorry, but I do not believe any Police officer or Police Department in the Deep South regarding anything having to do with racism. Anyone with a sense of US History, knows full well that no Deep South cop has an ounce of integrity when it comes to crimes of a racial nature.

Slam away, but I won't be back to this thread to read what was said anyway.

Generalize, much?

Did you get your 100% figure from personal interviews of deep south cops or from Hollywood?

Oh that's right, you "won't be back to answer." Nevermind. I think I know the answer anyway.

From reality.
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So have you Real Spoke to all the cops personally? That's impressive. I have lived in the North and the South. My experience has been both White and Black people can be more racist in the south, but like everywhere else there are good and bad people. Interestingly enough, I have spoken with a black professor who moved to Massachusetts from the deep south in the 60's and thought the racism in the north was worse on many levels.
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