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Haunted Blues

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posted on Dec, 9 2012 @ 05:04 AM
What a lot of great blues music in this thread.It's no wonder a lot of it has that haunting sound when you consider where this music and the musicians came from.
The poverty and racial hatred of the very early 20th century in the likes of Missisippi and Louisiana are where the blues began to find it's voice.
By the time of Robert Johnson the legend and lore behind the music well established.

I like those old prewar pioneers ok but for me,my kind of blues began with B.B King,Howling Wolf and john Lee Hooker,the electric guitar and the birth of Chicago Blues.

When I first got into rock music I knew there was an underlying basis and flavour that some had but not others but could have told you what it was or put my finger on it.

Think my dad getting a few 60's comp vids to prove that The Who and Kinks etc where real music not like that awful AC/DC,Iron Maiden,Ozzy Osbourne stuff that messes wi your head,makes worship the devil or commit suicide,it was the early 80'

It did show me where the roots of the music I enjoyed came from and open my musical horizons wide open.Just when I began to pick up the guitar too.

I've flirted with most forms of guitar music since then from Bert Jansch to Slayer but I always comes back to blues and rock.

I'm glad Peter Green was mentioned,I think he was the most talented,natural bluesman to come from the UK,his style and phrasing was a level above Clapton or any of the others.

Jimi,SRV where both sensational but whatabout Ireland's finest,Rory Gallagher and Gary Moore.

The blues even in modern times though still has that air of wildness,danger.It still manages to be about a man,with his guitar against the world.

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