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The Infantilization of Society

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posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by FailedProphet

Of course, there is also the childishness of someone who will grab isolated (and anomalous) incidents of people behaving badly, and present them in a forum where those (obviously more) "immature" people cannot defend themselves, and hold the weirdness up as an example of "infantilization" so that you can feel better about yourself.


I have to say OP, your hypocrisy in your threads inevitably astounds me. I can sum up every one the same way...

"Nar nar nar... Look how stupid these people are and how cool I am by comparison."

At least you are consistent, but the psychological projection is getting boring.

Grow up.

posted on Oct, 25 2012 @ 05:02 PM

Originally posted by Pinke

Originally posted by Char-Lee
reply to post by tothetenthpower
Is deeper in another way also. There is no one looking to find anyone to look up to anymore, they want contemporaries and don't even understand the concept of respecting an elder.

My children are in their early 40's. They resent me because I am NOT interested in styles, in looking "hot"

Honestly, I dunno you as a person at all and I could be totally crazily way off base begging for the most awesome throat punch ever and am certainly not old enough to say these things but ... (and I'm really really sorry!) Do you not think maybe it's a bit childish having the expectations as you do? I mean you say you're not worried about fitting in, but it seems you're at least a little sad at how your children are treating you?

I think it's understandable and natural! With my grandfather I guess at a point we stopped relating to one another and stopped talking. I hope he understands that really I just didn't know what to say, and we just didn't share the same interests any more. I loved him very much, and there are so many questions I'd ask him now but I didn't have them at the time. I guess I also thought perhaps he wasn't interested or stopped caring.

I get on very well with my dad. The one thing that really stands out to me with him is that he never seems to judge me exactly. I've made lots of mistakes, and he is still there. At times I neglected him or thought he was wrong about lots of things, but he was never upset or angry at me. Anything I do, I know I can always come to him and talk about it and it won't be a shouting match or a falling out. He just says, oh I think you're wrong, but give it a try. He is usually right.

The biggest lesson he has taught me is not to give in to those negative feelings. Sometimes I feel my friends or lover are neglecting me, or not paying attention to me, but if I truely love them am always there for them; it doesn't mean being a door mat or being dishonest, it just means always being there and not letting feelings get in the way of that.

It's almost kind of like watching a persons life, and often they realise sooner than you think. My dad taught me that, and it's true wisdom in a way, giving people the time and tools to change even if they don't realise what you're doing or never realise. It isn't about recognition I suppose.

I'm sure the pain you're feeling is because you love your children very much and I truly mean no disrespect. My dad's loving temperament and awesomeness truly makes me regret every moment I've treated him how you describe though I never resented him for not being hip ... I guess I just felt for a while perhaps I knew better or perhaps he might judge me, so we didn't communicate.

I hope your children aren't shallow enough to resent you for the reasons you describe and in a really nice way I hope you're wrong about it!

Please don't hit me! *hides*
edit on 25-10-2012 by Pinke because: typos

Hi...just saw this ;-) Good to hear from a young person and hear your thoughts.

No I don't think my ideas of what things should be, are childish, I can't call them expectations really since I have learned we can't expect anything to be as we believe they should.

I don't see feeling sad at how my children treat me as anything to do with "fitting in".

I don't want to fit in this broken society. I have simple tastes and I detest the follow attitude about everything from what you should wear to how you brows should be shaped! I detest waste and the cost is not to me the value. I am a vegetarian another no no runs things for them.

What it would take to be what they want is not something I want in any way. My daughter will say things like..."Ewe "you like that dress" something I was looking at. This when we went shopping together.

My sofa that was given to me, and not my taste at all...."You like that sofa" while wrinkling her nose...well no I don't but it was free and in good shape and I am not interested in waste!

I visited her and her husband one day and my daughters first words were not Hi Mom, but "what ARE you wearing!" he husband says, yeah "what are you wearing"?

She looked at some of my art and said...we are thinking of opening a furniture store by our carpet store, would you be interested in running it? But you couldn't sell your art there cause we think its too tacky.

I sold the stuff in question all over the US even in a boutique in NY.

The point being is since when is it ok to talk to a person like that? Even a friend let alone your Mother.

It hurts and I have a lot of valuable lessons I have learned in life that I could share with my children and Grandson, but they have no interest in my thoughts, opinions or even feelings, only what I buy, what I wear, hand that fact that I am not cool!

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