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Question for Paranormal Researchers about Some Commonplace Coincidences

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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 07:10 PM
Hello! This post isn't going to be political, conspiracy-related, or anything like that.
It's a question for those studying remote telepathy, coincidence, synchronicity, among family members and friends.

My example is the following:
Last Fall, about a year ago in fact, I wrote a letter to my great aunt in Ohio but didn't mail it.
Exactly one week afterward, I received a letter from this aunt. We wrote our letters at the same time.
When I told her this, she was just mad that she didn't get the other letter from me. LOL.
Asked "why on earth didn't you send it?"

Anyway, I wrote back to her once, but only the one time. She has written twice since that exchange.
Today, in a store, I thought of that and felt enormously guilty for a few seconds in regards to my treatment of this elderly family member who is clearly interested in me and near death, but I keep failing to communicate.

Well guess what. There was a letter from her waiting at home for me, from her, today. When I thought of her, my family member was getting her letter out of the mailbox. I was in a store, shopping for used items to sell.
It was a weird thought, as I wasn't really looking at stuff about mail, writing, etc. It was a "random" thought.

I've wondered before if this aunt is special somehow. She needs a lot of time alone, although she loves people. She copes with loneliness by growing a garden and keeping a dog. She recently had to give up her beautiful house and is in some pain that she doesn't talk about in that regard.


Do any of you have special family members who just "know" when you need help, are in danger, or always seem to say the right thing at the right time?

Some people say this is God working through us. What do you think, is it something we work ourselves, or is it an innate gift everyone has, that is deadened by exposure to technology?

Thank you and I hope to see some opinions. Sorry if the example is too short, or seems unimportant.
The really weird one was how we wrote the letters at the same time (maybe same day!) last year.

...Some people tell me not to dwell on such things, but hey, Carl Jung did, LOL

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