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A supernatural beginning deserves a supernatural ending

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posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 10:38 AM
Nobody knows how life on earth started, so nobody on earth will know how life on earth ends. Meaning, if life on earth ends supernaturally nobody will be aware to know how it ended on earth.

Life isn't the phsyical body, life is the spirit within the physical body.

So not life, but life on earth could end TODAY! That's right. With no waiting for 2013. Today could be a damn good day to supernaturally end from existing on the earth. Who would pick the day though? The higher powers would. All spirits could get cast out, and all of the physical stuff left could get deleted.

Do you believe life on earth will end naturally or supernaturally?

And do you believe life on earth began naturally or supernaturally?

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