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My first Ats Rant Dummy throw

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 07:16 PM
I dont think i ever have posted a real rant on Ats before. I have read heaps of other people do rants and dummy spits. This is a completely legtimate thing to do as a way of venting. My rants simple theres the stuff i like and the stuff that really grinds me, and the stuff i dont care less about.

Stuff That i Like >>>

honesty, integrity and courage of character. We see people like this commonly in volunteer or forces protecting countries and freedoms
Empathy and strength. We this see people like this commonly in medical, emergency and volunteer services.
Kindness we see this in people commonly who have love for all creatures great and small.

Stuff that Grinds me >>>>

Bullying and cruelty to animals and children
Woman i like who talks about other guy
Video commericals
Being on the road in traffic jams and traffic ligfhts and rude drivers (especially them people in them huge jeeps and landcruisers cause they think they have truck rights)
Paying utilities bills ( default hate of everyone)

Stuff i dont care about >>>

Hyprocrazy because its human nature
Laziness because why was the couch invented
Food ill eat anything except not really big on mediterraineun food.
Paying Taxes (cause theres two inevitable things you cant beat death and taxes)

Ok WaaaahhHHH!!!!!!!!! Ill put my Dummy back now.


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