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'Another 9/11': Three Islamic jihadists accused of planning huge London suicide bombing campaign

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 09:30 AM
Three British born Birmingham Muslims were convicted today of plotting to carry suicide bomb attacks in London. In all 11 people have been arrested.

The gang was described as a “homegrown terrorist cell”, with all 11 arrested and charged being of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin.

One of the plotters allegedly described plans to detonate eight rucksack bombs in suicide attacks as “another 9/11”, after making martyrdom videos at a terrorist training camp in Pakistan.

“One of them was even to describe their plan as another 9/11.”

The Independent

The group had received terrorism training in Pakistan and had produced martyrdom videos that they planned to release after the suicide attacks.

It is alleged that during terrorist training in Pakistan, Naseer and Khalid were taught how to make weapons and poisons — techniques they hoped to deploy in this country.

They both made martyrdom videos in Pakistan, the court heard, and returned to Britain in July last year.

The Independent

It has been estimated by MI5 that up to 4,000 British Muslims have received training from the Taliban The Independent

The groups spiritual inspiration, US-born extremist of Yemini descent Al-Awlaki, was killed by a US drone 12 days before they were arrested.

Approximately 600 British Muslims serve in the British armed forces BBC

Their loyalty to the UK is expressed well by Pte Shehab El-Din Ahmed El-Miniawi, who served with 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Helmand Province

"My home is the UK. As a Muslim, that's the place I'd happily die for and kill for. That's the same way it's going to remain until my dying day.

"My entire soul belongs to the UK and I'm more than proud to fight for this country."


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