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The Poem of life

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 05:56 AM
The Poem of life

Love the
The presence of fire so near
a face a glance
her eyes so clear
her laughter and smile
the softness of dear
to the slave
of this one so near
the master of love
the slave of seer
forever is forever
to the one who is dear

There is no reality theres just thoughts, and thoughts and thoughts.
Repetitive, dulling and full of fading hearts
There is no river sanctuary that i dreamt of over the yonder
there is just false Horzions
And losting slopes
the sun sets silently
on all hopes

Sunrise falls and Darkness calls
Inside my eyes I fall and fall
Into the nether i keep it togther
the last glimpse of light
forever and ever
Into a night we make our last call
the big disconnect of
the dial up is pulled


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