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Do you have a Spirit Guide/When did you meet them?

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:20 AM
I'm starting this thread because in day to day life I've found only a few who have said/would admit to meeting a guide and I'm curious to know what the real amount of instances really is and what were the actual events surrounding/preceding/proceeding these events. My own experience involves much more than an actual meeting. Here is my persinal account:

In November of 2002 I had an extremely vivid and lifelike dream. At the time I was taking care of my grandmother's house because she was staying with relatives trying to kick cancer and she had asked me personally to take care of it while she was away.

In the dream I was walking into the living room of the house from the kitchen area. For some reason the lights were dimmed, but there was more than enough to see by. As I entered the living room I came upon three figures seated at the large table all wearing hooded cloaks. A man in the middle flanked by two others. I couldn't make out the features of the ones flanking the man in the middle because their hoods were drawn up. I could only make out their eyes, which had a golden sparkle and for some reason I got the feeling that they were female. After a few seconds of silence I said to the group "What are you doing here?" The man replied "We are here for the meeting." I asked "What meeting?" He replied "Your meeting." I said "I'm confused." The man said "Come with me and I will show you." Before I explain what happened next I want to clarify a few small details:

Not once during this encounter did the ones who accompanied him speak or attempt to communicate with me by any means. I think they may have been there to record events , serve some other function I am unaware of, or that their purpose and identity will be revealed to me sometime in the future, but make no mistake, they were there for a reason. The man resembled George Carlin. Almost exact same face and same hair style and color.(Very receding at the temples, combed straight back,very light silver almost white color.)

Back to the event: After saying "Come with me..." We both found ourselves standing in the kitchen of the relative with whom grandma was staying. We were invisible to all the people there. There was a party going on and the house was very full. I recognized all of the people as relatives and friends of the family. I noticed there were big flashes of light and loud booms coming from outside. I saw that they were fireworks after looking outside the window. The man began speaking to me: "I am a doctor. My name is John. I have been with you since you were born. You have a strong bond with your grandmother. I want to prepare you for coming events. The date today is Nov.----. Your grandmother will pass away one year from this date, it will be on a Friday morning at exactly 5:55 a.m. You will be the only one there. I must go now." After that he vanished and so did I, to awake in my bed and write down what he had told me in a notebook.

I couldn't understand the significance of the party in my dream until one weekend nine months later when my relatives decided ti have a life celebration for grandma when it became apparent that she wasn't going to survive cancer. The party they had for her was the exact same party in the dream, fireworks and all. After the party grandma got worse and worse. About three weeks before her death I got a call from my uncle asking me if I could spend the nights with her because although she was lucid about 80% of the time the high doses of morphine would cause her to wake up and not know where she was or why. I was happy to do this. And oh, yeah, my guide was 100% correct. She passed at the exact time on the exact day that he said she would. There is more to this but space prevents me from typing more and honestly it would be off topic at this point. The main things I'm interested in are these:

1.) Has any guide/guides made contact/presented themselves to you and actually given you their name and
occupation? This guide telling me he was a doctor is unlike anything I've heard before but I imagine is more common than I know of.

2. ) Have any guides given you information like this? Has time travel been a factor in any contacts made?

3.) A few people I've spoken with personally didn't have the same type of experience, but mentioned being visited by not one but three beings, with only one doing the talking and being in control of the situation,with the other two being silent companions. Has anyone had contact similar to this?

Thanks, B

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:33 AM
Well, in truth, what purpose did all of that serve? How did it prepare you?

It sounds like a lot of spiritual energy that heads into nothing. You knew your grandmother was going to die, she was terminally ill. You were asked to go there by a relative on the night she died, so you would have been there regardless of the spirits alert.

Seems pointless to me, if these beings are watching over us.

Why appear at all unless it was to help... not very helpful giving you the date of the death of someone you love and not giving you anything to do about it. And if it had been a mere dream, a lot of your energy expended on anxiety over nothing...

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:40 AM
reply to post by bangoli

Do I think I have a guide? Yes, I do, though have never met him/

As for the reply above as to how useful the OP's guide was. I would say that the guide pointed out that GranMa would pass on such and such a date, which would help the OP in coming to grips with the death and planning for the future.
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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:51 AM
reply to post by bangoli

my "guide" "talks" to me in form of numbers, names or words. with letters and numbers and combinations of it.

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 02:59 AM
reply to post by bangoli

I once sought out my spirit guide, and he came to me during deep meditation. He came in the form of a fox and showed me beautiful things.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:00 AM
I have had a couple of experiences a bit like that, the difference was that I have often been told by them that it is not like I have one guide- I get ones that are appropriate at certain times according to my goals and current phase of thought or vibration.

A very interesting one was not too long ago, during my daily meditation, I saw a woman in front of me and began talking to her. I asked her her name, and her date of death (for checking up on later).
She said her name and I repeated it (in my inner voice) and she kept correcting me, then I saw it written in big red letters in front of me.

The problem was that in America, we tend to pronounce it incorrectly! It was "BERKELEY".

I ended up finding traces of her, in fact! The date she gave me and the name is 100% correct!
Anne Forster Berkeley

Now, what she had explained to me was that certain guides are attracted to you, just because of certain notes and vibrations you share in common. This serves many sevices for each other, in fact, as far as the spiritual evolution of each. There was also some aspect concerning DNA, and even themost distant traces of shared blood make it possible to connect with certain groups and individual consciousnesses.

So when I read this little biography, I was amazed at how much me and this woman apparently had in common- in our personalities and the paths our life has taken; in our search for wisdom and learning, in the parts of the earth we have gone to in that search, and in our origins!
Furthermore, my particular philosophy and ways of thought have MUCH in common with those of her husband, which made me wonder if she also had much to do with influencing his thought (the way I do with mine).

At this time, I do not know if she is still being a guide for me, I haven't thought much about it until I saw this thread.

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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:05 AM
reply to post by winofiend

I apologize for not giving more info on the situation. Yes, she was very ill, but she had made significant progress , to the point of making plans to return home, up to and until the planning of this party. I also should have added that I had very bad relations with that side of my family and the chances of them calling me were almost nil unless it was to tell me that she had died. I was very surprised to get a call from any of them. There was also a lot of money involved and every relative and business associate of hers (she was president of a very successful small business) were constantly bothering her and there wasn't a thing I could do about it because I wasn't exactly welcome in that house.

Looking back I can see that I was one of the few who she trusted to talk to about her real intentions for her money and effects; she didn't even trust her lawyers or accountants. There were no plans to have me look after her , so no, if I hadn't been alerted I wouldn't have known until 3 weeks before her death. The extra year in between gave me the needed time to sort things out and hire my own lawyers to ensure that her will was carried out as she wished. I did not needlessly worry because I somehow knew that this guide was correct. In fact, I worried a lot less and was able to focus on things that I knew were important to her. Never once did I mention this dream to her; only to two or three people in my immediate family. But back on topic:have you ever been contacted by your guides,etc....

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:13 AM
reply to post by bangoli

Couple of things to go over here, firstly, the other two beings on either side of the 'guide' will be representing other incarnations youhave had that are peculiar to your next steps in life now... so there are things that are relative to now from then.

Next.. people need to understand that these 'guides' are really You.. more precisely, they Represent the Soul You Are.. to You. And so they know what you need even if you do not understand it yet.

Yes wealso have what I call "helpers" who are like 'guides', and are separate to you. These are beings we enlisted to help us in a variety of ways... not that we usually understand what they intend at first.

This dream experience occured for you to learn to trust You.. in the guise of a 'guide'. All you will need to do now is to start working with the 'guide'.. and you can more esily access them through simple practices. So please check the website in my signature.. it is free.

And to your question.. Yes, since I was 5 years old... now 52y.o.

reply to post by winofiend

Most people do not understand, and you have displayed this adequately in your reply. Not having a go at you mate... just pointing something out of importance.

What a person may consider to be Helpful to them is never going to be what the Soul considers is helpful... because we humans have extremely limited perceptions of what exists all around us in each moment.. and because we have been Indoctrinated into our cultural belief-system which provides our comfort zones and thus limitations to experience and understanding.

Hence comments that reflect negative attitudes in relation to our spiritual nature.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:19 AM
reply to post by Bluesma

How thought provoking! After learning my guides name I actually looked at my birth certificate to see who signed it , etc. hoping that I could find out who this entity was. I have since tried to get a last name through meditation but it has never worked. I understand what you mean about different guides being there at certain times
depending on the circumstances. However what has always stuck in my mind was that he said he has been with me since birth. Maybe there is an overseer of sorts who is in charge of the other guides that come and go as appropriate? Your post has me thinking. Thanks for the reply!

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:26 AM
reply to post by Tayesin

Will be checking out signature info shortly, thank you.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:29 AM
I have a guide who I hear in my head on a daily basis, my connection was made due to my meditating but he has been with me since birth, I actually have memories of being a young child and talking to someone who no-one else could see.
At about 3 years old I had a nasty fall down about three steps where I cracked my head and got a concussion.
I never heard from my guide again until after suffering from depression in 2005 and starting to take anti depressants.
Between the anti - depressants and meditation I reopened a channel between me and the guide.
He told me that somehow the knock to the head broke our connection. I had a small fracture in the skull and was consequently sick for sometime after.
I have been told many things about the immediate future that have come true, some good some not so good.
Apparently I have chose to be here at this time to witness something important.
I was also told at the time of my depression by my guide that I had an illness causing my depression and in 2009 I found out I had coeliac disease, which can cause depression as my body wasn't receiving the nutrients it needed.
My spirit guide told me that he last incarnated on earth about 5000 years ago in the area where Syria meets Turkey today.
Interestingly enough not far from from where they found Gobekli Tepe, however he said they lived in a mountainous area and herded sheep. Nothing has been said about Gobekli Tepe.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 06:17 AM
I am part Native American and I had always wondered about that ancestry but there were no real answers to those question in family oral history so I began a quest.
I had been on a fasting quest to find answers to all my inner questions. I sat on a blanket and burned sage incense so much that my house smelled very much like sage. I hadn't had anything to eat but water for about five days. Nothing was happening so I began flagellating myself with a leather belt. Eventually - even that no longer hurt. I smoked some wacky weed and that did nothing much so I did some mushrooms. I had not slept that I know of for days just sitting in lotus position there expecting answers to my questions.
Then someone came to my house and I opened the door to them. The words I spoke to them they could not understand and neither did I. They left and I looked in the mirror and tried talking to myself and still what came out was gibberish. That inability to talk English lasted for two days. I had gone back to sitting and meditating on my blanket. That is when I heard someone say "You are a fool". There was no one in my house. Then a vision came to me of a very ancient Indian Shaman sitting on my blanket with me. I asked who he was.
He told me I would not understand his language - so he said I am "the retired Old Indian who sits on your blanket with you". That is my name! So I asked why did you call me a fool?
He said because you are one. Then he said all the answers to your questions are inside you. All you have to do is learn to listen to your own wisdom. Then he was gone.
Since then I have learned to listen to that little voice inside my head - some people call it intuition. The answers that are the most important to me I find in everything that is happening around me. Sometimes a movie, sometimes a friend, sometimes my sister, junk mail - whatever strikes my mind and sets off a chain of thought and the computer is a great way of finding information to fill in my knowledge gaps.
I even found out what my Grandfather's name was since there was uncertainty about it but by investigating very old files - I made the connection to what my Dad remembered ( he was adopted out at age five) and the truth was very similar but not exact. I was named after my grandfather and I am glad they did not know his real name - being saddled with the french word name Garcon (waiter boy) is not my idea of a fun name. But it would have been a typical name for a Canadian Indian to be called after the work he did. His last name probably came from some generous Indian agent who allowed the use of his last name to be also for my grandfather's last name. His wife's name was also sort of fictitious in that she was also Indian and her name came from a city in Montana -Helena.
My quest to find some of my family's Native American roots has mostly been fulfilled due to that Old Indian who is retired and sat on my blanket with me and calling me a fool.
My other animal spirit guide is the Mother Bear - I know this because I have dreamed of her all my life. Crow also keeps me grounded in where I am since he is ever present every time I step out of my door. So, I say to him 'hello crow' and he will caw back.
There may be other spirit guides in my life but who they are is a mystery to me but it is not that important to find the answer for it. They just are! I still listen to that inner voice that leads me in directions outside my normal box and it lead me to do things I would have been afraid to do before. I don't like changes any more than others do but sometimes you just have to change how you think, what you do and be at peace inside knowing things will work out even if I screw up.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by bangoli

I have no idea for sure if I have a spirit guide or not because none have presented themselves to me. Although one has never introduced them self to me, I still feel like i might have one. It's just a feeling I have that there has always been someone watching out for me, and I have never felt like I have been alone. Even when I am technically alone I still feel something there with me, but its not a bad feeling, just a feeling like someone is there keeping me company and looking out for me. Idk, thats just how I feel, and I'm only 18 so Im still pretty young, so maybe one day I will meet mine.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 08:30 AM
reply to post by kudegras

I don't think I've ever lost touch with my guide but never has he presented himself in the same way as the time before my grandmother died. Now it is more in the form of one sentence warnings or insights into a baffling situation I can't figure out, though the feeling is unmistakable--it's coming from him.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by bangoli

Hi bangoli! Cool story.
I believe I have a spirit guide, however they do not come in the form of a person (man/women) to me. Even though I do feel there is a feminine energy in mine, I do not know for sure though.
My spirit guide is a crow, I know that sounds weird. It watches over me, has left me many lucky feathers I keep with me. When I am in deep thought or situations needing big decisions, or anytime really it's there. I get good gut feelings and intuition when it is around. Almost as if even though we can't speak to eachother, it can hear me and I can hear it. I do not believe the crow to be a bad omen in my situation, because since I have been watched over by the crow I have literally had comfort, and never been alone. I always have it.. Days I don't see my crow is when I get nervous lol. It's been almost 3 years now I have had my crow with me. I wouldn't trade my guide for anything. My crow also brings me interest of the unknown, they really are smart creatures.

I enjoyed your story.

The man began speaking to me: "I am a doctor. My name is John. I have been with you since you were born. You have a strong bond with your grandmother. I want to prepare you for coming events. The date today is Nov.----. Your grandmother will pass away one year from this date, it will be on a Friday morning at exactly 5:55 a.m. You will be the only one there. I must go now." After that he vanished and so did I, to awake in my bed and write down what he had told me in a notebook.

Now if only my guide came out and talked to me as yours does,(or did) I wouldn't always have to try so hard to figure things out. Lol.
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posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:16 PM
Interesting story. A nice one too! I wish had something that didn't always require some sort of wondering or deciphering. I have tried to contact my spirit guide but only hear, what i believe to be, my imagination, so I gave up.

One night, while staying with my Father after my Mother passed, I dreamt i was in my Mother's foyer, sitting upright and I was awakened by my chair swaying side to side. Wondering what the heck am i doing here? then, I just flew right through the front door, up over the Japanese Maple, and landed in the woods. There was this ANNOYING, guy right behind my left shoulder, following me through the woods. i would look back and he would get just far enought behind me to where i could never see him. I just remember I was on a mission to find my Mother. Then these two horses, with a couple of people on the back, come up through this beautiful opening and made me get up on the horse with one of them. Like it was understood I had gone far enough.

Like I said, I have deciphered that possibly the annoying guy was my spirit guide watching over me, maybe? I don't know for certain but I like to think so.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 03:52 PM

Originally posted by bangoli
In the dream I was walking into the living room of the house from the kitchen area. For some reason the lights were dimmed, but there was more than enough to see by. As I entered the living room I came upon three figures seated at the large table all wearing hooded cloaks. A man in the middle flanked by two others. I couldn't make out the features of the ones flanking the man in the middle because their hoods were drawn up.

1.) Has any guide/guides made contact/presented themselves to you and actually given you their name and occupation?

I am in contact with a repented fallen seraph, a ghost and one of the fallen watcher leaders.
I know there occupations a.k.a classifications.
The repented fallen watcher contacted me after i posted a NDE vision of Tartarus which is the prison for the fallen ones.

2. ) Have any guides given you information like this? Has time travel been a factor in any contacts made?

Much information has been given. No time travel.

Interesting quote concerning the hooded ones. Are you sure they were good?

i have witnessed the fallen ones in sheol. The pure evil that radiates from them freezes mortals in fear.

Was the lights so dim that everything was quite depressing like the following picture?

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 04:13 PM
there are guardian spirits who watch people I think. Maybe they could be ET, maybe they could be departed. Sometimes I think maybe I'm going crazy or that it's ghosts but my father passed away and he does not communicate with me. There have been a couple of occasions where I may have seen something that mysteriously had his spirit written on it but it was more of a message than direct communication.

This brings me back to what i have been taught that once a person dies they are kept by God and the holy spirit may relay a message of passing when someone dies, for closure, but that it's not direct communication which must wait until the raising of the dead and the new order.

I think that what is communicating with me is more complicated than a ghost but it has become very distinctive to me when they are not there opposed to when they are. I was told long ago that I had a guardian angel. I also believed that I have felt the spirit of Christ and that he has relayed reassurances to me. I believe the communication that has become much more vivid is not unlike the comfort you would expect to feel in the holy spirit... such as a certain sense of purity... but it is different in the sense that it is more direct and very much like there is an entity showing different subtle aspects of his presence to me, throwing different images, sounds, ideas, physical sensations at me. When it carries that reminiscent feeling that seems like a pure yet free acting entity like the holy spirit, I mean it seems he knows of troubles here, is compassionately conscious, is particularly sentimental to me, is what I would call love, is very much about redemption and is otherwise "spiritually good" compared to anything I can think of. In other words, it seems like we are married and he is a spirit of good... as in holy matrimony and the feeling you would expect to be quite please with the situation.

What's upsetting is that it is subtle and you are never to hold any evidence as though it were either impossible or unsafe, so it can be unbelievable when there are not reminders... as though it could have been your imagination, but then as it becomes more unmistakable to you because you start recalling all the examples being thrown at you... then you wonder if that barrier is ever going to end... so still giving you a conundrum of thought.

Still a barrier... still an unidentifiable barrier and even if i could clearly make out all the words, what if our language is not exactly the same.... i mean you never know what could be obscuring your certainty. I do believe he speaks English but I'm not sure sure if he does so with his mouth or just inside my brain. when i hear things like that it is more easily interrupted and it tends to be startling... What i USUALLY hear is distant, muffled, softer in tone and external to me but in tune with my thoughts and notions. It's more like being assured by tones, rather than clear dialogue. The closed eye images often come to me kind of startling as well, like pings of data and I think it must be coming from his eyes, his brain... because that is what i see most, him looking at me intensely in various ways. I have seen others too but they are not always there, that is rare, but the stare, the gaze... sometimes it's almost obscuring because you might try to looking at some other details but like the picture itself, it's fleeting... the intensity comes from the eyes and whereas i would totally expect them to be black... as they are the same large shape of my extraterrestrial visitors eyes and unmistakeably related somehow, but there is something in there, a depth, a reflection, iris, pupils of an immensely captivating stare.

How is it that something so allegedly "imaginary" and admittedly subtle, yet still startle me, almost make me scream... to be stared at by the right person is something that can make someone go into the right kind of hysterics.

It's like someone is looking right at you and thats not even all. There is the constantly being talked to, constant sensations of reassurance and notably lately when things don't go completely right... I mean there is a lot of crap going on in the world but my thoughts are on his whereabouts. There are noticeable waves of energy coming at me. I feel like I'm getting sensitive to EMF because certain things give me certain reactions but there are certain waves that feel nothing like that, they are comforting, tingling, warming, usually paired with something else that is visual or audible and increased.

Am I going crazy? It's got a chemical reaction in the brain like a relationship and I can feel differences and get worried and anxious when they are not there.

It's like he's standing here beside me somehow telling me how he feels about all sorts of things and it really hits me in the heart sometimes. Sometimes it can really scare the crap out of me because I have no idea what's happening or if something is about to go wrong or has JUST gone wrong.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 04:44 PM
I sometimes refer to him as a guide because it seems he simply knows a lot of what is going on. I try to just let certain things come to me and then this sense of reason occurs. Everyone should practice that anyway, instead of panicking let things work themselves out or at least keep a clear head in case you need to act but it's always easier when you have the right kind of support.

Now, I'm not saying it's perfect.... there are certainly problems but there is an idea here that is much more important than anything I can think of... and that is what the heart truly desires... to be loved and remembered always, to have a shared sense of justice and a feeling of being able to rise above your circumstances.

So it's faith that no matter what happens, has already happened or where he is... something will bring us back to what we knew... If it was God, if it was effort, if it was chance even though things do not seem possible, somewhere in spirit that possibility exists... and you must look for it, believe in it and find it.

Even if you can't see it, have no proof of it.... and maybe even sometimes think you are going crazy.

Maybe the real question for people seeking to understand spirit guides is that spirits are all around you. Wouldn't you want to be close to kindred spirits? Spirits you've known and experienced things with? That is whole problem and sadness of dying, will we ever see our loved ones again? A guardian would guard all who they loved, where ever they could. Those who love each other guide each other.

What is it that you really want or feel that's missing? Is something calling to you on the wind? Do you you feel this way? Do you long for the answer of who you are and what is out there that recognizes your spirit?

I think a lot of people do. but do you really believe it could come to you? Don't let yourself be deceived either way.

You HAVE to be practical with evidence, you but you also HAVE to open your mind.
Forming a sharp double edged blade is a balance. Your mind is meant to be like a sword, which can make things go disastrously astray but it is a tool, a weapon. It should be a tool of protection rather than sloppy harm or prideful play. Each person should strive to get these answers from themselves. I don't think things come easy for anyone.

posted on Oct, 22 2012 @ 04:47 PM
My guide will not manifest himself to me. Ever since I sought him out, though,during deep meditations he has introduced me to some very astounding things.

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