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Squatch Visiting My Woods?

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posted on Nov, 7 2012 @ 06:31 PM
reply to post by Pressthebutton

Like i said earlier, these threads fizzle out once the "pictures" are required. This one went right up to the point of a BFRO agent supplying a fancy trailcam, then.........fzzzt!

No pics, no updates. It's a recurring theme.

posted on Nov, 8 2012 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by Druid42

Hate to burst your bubble but BF activity runs in fits and starts.....LOL! They are unpredictable so cut this guy some slack. BTW trailcams are notorious ''Fails'' on a good day so if that's what you were waiting for don't hold your breathe, it's an unreasonable demand anyways.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:01 AM
Sorry I've not been active. Haven't even been on ATS since the 31st when I posted in another Sasquatch thread. Between being behind on graduate school (with final projects/presentations coming due), work, having 2 little cousins temporarily living here (sent here before Sandy) and a #load of other things, I've not been able to devote time to this hobby. I said earlier we were planning to move to Nevada too...but with Obama's reelection and certain demise of this nation, we're considering moving out of country instead.

I would have really liked to get a photo, but the trail cam was only here for two nights before being moved to another case (low supply, high demand unfortunately). Activity does seem to have fallen, as far as late-night sounds and bait nabbing goes (although I haven't been able to listen as much in the wee hours of morning or put as much bait out). The trees are quickly losing their foliage and becoming bare. I've not talked with the investigator in a few days, but will ask if he's planning to further pursue this area.

It's cheeky to imply this whole story has been fabricated (for what benefit?) simply because I didn't present a photo. I can take a photo of myself with the BFRO agent (sure he won't mind), creek, traps and bait used, even the handgun referenced in the OP and anything else mentioned here to confirm it. Hopefully the ATS community has a few more believers or people interested in pursuing this because of whats been presented. I'm not finished with my own pursuit of this, even if it's in another country or state someday, but currently I have to put it on hold for the most part.
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posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by TheLegend

Don't worry about it man. It is your thread, you can add to it whenever you like.

I personally enjoyed all of the details you added.

There is no rush.

Don't lose any sleep over replies left on ATS. It gets you nowhere.

Peace and good luck in the future.

posted on Nov, 11 2012 @ 08:29 PM
Fantastic thread! i really hope that your efforts get rewarded by an opportunity presenting itself for you or the BF research org agent to take some pictures or record video footage . Looking forward for any new update .

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by TheLegend

Well, hope you don't move (we need some sensible people in the country...), and hope the relatives are all ok after the storm(s). Terrible mess up there, and it doesn't seem to be getting any better!

As for the case, no worries! Life takes priority over something like this. Sure, it's fascinating, but it isn't vital. Even if they had left a trail cam, those things seem able to dodge them. Primates are pretty smart, after all. It's a very interesting case, with or without pictures. Besides, even with video, there would be skeptics. So, relax, ignore us curious types until you have time, if you do, because we will be here if and when anything else happens that you can report. Prayers for the family sent.

posted on Nov, 13 2012 @ 01:53 AM

Originally posted by TheLegend
reply to post by MasonicFantom

Of course it's not a siren. Wish I addressed this earlier in the thread, but I thought it was too obvious.
Here's the full audio of the one in my OP.
Maybe the first and 2nd howl are too similar for untrained ears to tell them apart.
But the 3rd howl has slightly different pitch, and is slightly shorter. Then it stops for a while and there's a 4th howl.
Here's that same howl, from a different region and with way different timing.

So it's 5:50 AM. I set up a VHS tape to record for the night (altho it's been having problems) and earlier I wet and raked an already really damp area around a tree (that had water naturally going around it) where there was a lot of activity heard before. I put 2 warm bean & cheese burritos in it (all I had on short notice) and a lid filled with peanut butter. I figure that has to be an overwhelming smell for any creature. I then put thorn vines and other nasty little branches around the base of the tree just to be sure nothing can climb it. So, in the morning I will look for tracks for the first time. I'll update again whenever I get some good evidence (and my life gets back on track).

reply to post by LadyGreenEyes

Yeah, they are great investigators and researchers. Very honest about what they do too.
Here's a list of some good, unknown audio sounds you may like.
This one is kind of creepy. It's not a Sasquatch sound, but the guy's story flows well. His dog was recently killed too, and they are said to kill dogs that get too noisy with them.
Please don't be jealous, my life (graduate school, "friends", sleep etc.) is suffering because of this.
And I'm too scared to go out in my woods past nightfall. It's like having an unpredictable, stealthy ninja that can literally pull your head off in an instant living in the forest. That's "their" house now as far as I'm concerned.
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Don't blame you being nervous about the woods. I LOVE woods, but have been around some that I would not go into for anything. Sounds like that? Way too creepy! IF it's a sasquatch, it's probably not dangerous, but there are a few stories that claim differently. Caution is the best option, I would think. It's that curious side of me that wants to hear one, though. Sort of. Maybe.

That one recording, with the man who lost a dog, is pretty creepy. never did think he believed that it was a person. Sounds more like he wanted them to think that, so they would send someone, and not write him off as a kook. I do love listening to the sounds, and BFRO has a GREAT LIST! Didn't have it bookmarked, though, so TY. Been awhile since I listened to them.

Be safe, in any case, and try not to lose too much sleep.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 10:06 AM

So these last days have been very eventful.

First off, a few nights ago it rained heavily and I got some good prints. I took photos of these because they're clear enough to be usable. They're about 14-15 inches in length. I put a ruler down next to them for perspective.

Late last night I was at my university's gym while my Mom was home, listening to the microphone while working on the computer. She called me at about 10:30 PM to tell me she heard a lot of noise in the woods and asked me how to record (I installed audacity etc.) and a little bit afterwards, when she figured it out, two very large white vans with no windows (except in the front) and no decals or words came speeding by the house at about "35 MPH" (in a residential area), one right behind the other. WHen she told me that I got my things together and headed home as fast as possible, but it's a 40 min drive. When I got home they were all gone but she did turn the audio on in time to catch the two vans...and MORE.
On the tape you can hear one man shouting someone else's name (need to listen to it some more to figure out what the name is) and then you hear "IT'S OVER HERE!" and what sounds like tranquilizer shots being fired. There's also the sound of a helicopter overhead and of a van backing up somewhere (that beeping sound). This is all unusual, considering it was nearly 11PM and a residential area. This whole incident took place between 27-30 minutes and it's all on audio.

I called the BFRO investigator this morning and he said his phone is tapped (need to get more info on that). One time he told me there is a government agency that captures and relocates Sasquatches that get near residential areas. I didn't believe it, but now I see no other explanation for what happened last night.

I don't know if this is my fault for having given TMI.... I only gave my state and an undisclosed Google map of my location.
But he said they tap his phone on occasion though, as they do with all the BFRO investigators that they know of. But regardless, I shouldn't have doubted that the government is actively involved with these things too.

I haven't gotten to listen carefully to the tape or mark it yet, as I was too shocked and talking too much on my first time listening, but will upload the tape and mark it where the sounds are since it's pretty long (not sure how much time limit I can put on Youtube too). I will also upload a photo of the footprints.

Please understand that I'm very busy...taking 4 graduate classes and working part-time. I am actually late and need to head to university again and will be there for about 10 hours. Then it'll take me some time when I get home to mark the vid and upload it + photos. I may make a separate topic for the tape because this is major. I always thought it was a possibility that the government was involved, but never knew for certain.

So it'll be about 12 hours or more before I get to upload anything. I want to get this done before tomorrow for obvious reasons, so will try to do it as soon as I can.

posted on Nov, 21 2012 @ 10:35 AM
holy crap. It could have been a crew of hunters going after that million dollar prize that was offered up a month or so ago for physical proof body wise of a sasquatch. Could have spent some money on it. Rented two vans to transport the crew and the animal. The helicopter is really strange though unless they went all out and rented one of those to use its FLIR to try and track the animal.

Curious why do you think it was the govt. Trying to relocate the animal? Could have been hunters. Biologists.

Either way very cool. Upload the recordings. Sure everybody would like to hear them. Thanks for the update.

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 12:43 AM
Gotta admit, my skepticism kicked in after hearing about these mysterious vans, but as one who wants to believe or at least one who enjoyed reading this thread, I'm still looking forward to further developments.

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
holy crap. It could have been a crew of hunters going after that million dollar prize that was offered up a month or so ago for physical proof body wise of a sasquatch. Could have spent some money on it. Rented two vans to transport the crew and the animal. The helicopter is really strange though unless they went all out and rented one of those to use its FLIR to try and track the animal.

Curious why do you think it was the govt. Trying to relocate the animal? Could have been hunters. Biologists.

Either way very cool. Upload the recordings. Sure everybody would like to hear them. Thanks for the update.

Nothing against you or your post, I just wanted to point out two things:

1. The prize is actually $10 million and
2. It will be awarded to the winning contestants (if any) of an upcoming reality TV show to be aired on the SPIKE network. It's not like just any random hunter can collect the money, even if they manage to kill a squatch.


posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 03:31 PM
Ah bummer! So either some hunters managed to track, trap and capture a Sasquatch for their own glory or for science. The govt has gone crazy and made tracking wild apes and keeping them a secret for sinister reasons a priority. Or the op has jumped the shark on his thread.

Would really like to hear those recordings.

Also why would the govt tap a bfro investigators phone ?
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posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 03:38 PM

Originally posted by BASSPLYR
Ah bummer! So either some hunters managed to track, trap and capture a Sasquatch for their own glory or for science. The govt has gone crazy and made tracking wild apes and keeping them a secret for sinister reasons a priority. Or the op has jumped the shark on his thread.

Would really like to hear those recordings.

Also why would the govt tap a bfro investigators phone ?
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I would guess that they know they (big foot) were brought here from our space brothers, and they don't want the population to know of their true existence, just like they don't want us to know there are real space aliens. So they are tapping his phone to know if he is getting any credible sources for a real big foot so they can capture it to hide it from us... just like everything else they cover up!

posted on Nov, 22 2012 @ 08:43 PM
Last night my neighbor's daughter was in the driveway when she heard a raccoon shrill in the forest. When her + her parents went to see what happened they approached the forest and heard a growl and then a "HUGE" thud on the ground (they described it like if it were a sack of concrete mix hitting the ground) before something ran away through the forest. The husband took a light and went a little into the forest before a rock was thrown beside him. I came into the room where my security cam monitor was and saw them outside after that part. I went out and they told me what happened so I decided to tell them what has been going on and try to get some information from them. They brought up stories like how one (the wife) would walk their dog and thought a bear was stalking her through the forest one time. I called the investigator and ran into the forest after hearing some snapping (it was a fat moon and the light was good enough). I got caught in some thorn bushes further in and returned to walking. I heard some noises but they were so far away by then and on the other side of the creek. I scouted around some more until the investigator came and we talked to my neighbors about what we've been doing and now they're on board too and believe it.

I'm just going to give the Photobucket links to the photos instead of uploading to ATS.

This is one I took of the investigator's map. It's a 2003 USAF survival school map.
On "dangerous animals in the area" (for the Pacific NW) they have Sasquatch on it.

Now for the footprints. They are actually larger than the ruler on both sides of it. I could have measured these better, but they're definitely over 12 inches. These are the best of the fifty or so that I have.

This pretty thick tree was snapped by raw strength. This happened sometime over a period of 2 nights.

This tree branch, high up, was snapped. These next two photos go together. Not sure what caused this, but it was a thick branch.

Now for the audio. You must listen with good headphones. It's too hard to detect some of the sounds without it. I'll put video info below. This audio may not seem interesting, but it shows here was a team of guys out at 11:00 PM, who were in a hurry and doing something in the forest.

This is a late night recording that took place directly outside and around my house, nestled in a residential area with a large forest across the street. We've been investigating Sasquatch activity nearby for many weeks now and believe this is a private (or government) team of hunters attempting to capture or kill it.

-Starts off with my one dog, Foxy, barking (she's the middle dog in first photo). There are two camera recorders being used throughout this video. E.g. at 2:01 the camera switches to another on the other side of the house (you'll hear the difference). There was a helicopter overhead for 10 seconds before this video but the sound was accidentally cut. However, it's not uncommon for aircraft to fly overhead here, so it may have been nothing.

-At 0:32 sound of a van backing up. This occurred around a bend and down a long road.

-At 1:34 two large and identical white vans with only passenger/driver windows and no logos pass the house at high speed (35 MPH | 56 KPH), one right behind the other (speed limit is 1/3 of that).

-3:40 Foxy lumbers off to the other side of the yard to throw out some more barks.

-4:44 men yelling at each other. I make out some words "over here" and then followed by loud banging noises that are slightly muffled (I was told it's a tranquilizer). .

-6:45-7:30 a lot of noises in forest.

PS check out these powerful howls from Minnesota@45 seconds.
Also 45 seconds. Incredible.
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posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 08:42 AM
This has been an incredible thread, I'm almost jealous of you if I knew I wouldn't be pooping my pants and wanting to move house

I've not posted here yet, and only discovered this thread last night, I can't believe I missed most of the action. I should be very interested to see whether the vans etc was the end of the business with the night time visitor.
Continue making recordings if you can, and leaving treats, though can I suggest leaving stuff other than chips and man made products? I know it sounds so silly, but I just fear for their health haha. Also, if they are actually sasquatch, I really hate the thought of them developing a taste for it and wanting more human food and wandering into an area where they become publicly found, and shot at.

I really hope this isn't the end.

posted on Nov, 23 2012 @ 08:51 AM
hey, who knows you may even find a new species of something even if its not a squatch

keep it going !

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 08:12 AM
Excellent post OP!!! You totally delivered with your last post. There is something strange going on for sure, 100 percent, in the woods behind your house.

Of the photos the last picture of the tracks was especially interesting. I noticed how wide the foot is in relation to that of a human. There seems to be less of a arch than what you would see in a human. The first few tracks look like they could have been sneakers or something because the toes are not as distinct but if that last photo is part of the same tracks then you might really have something there.

The snapped tree limbs.. The first photo was interesting. The tree trunk looks pretty big and it's definitely been broken through being twisted. You can tell from the color of the interior of the tree that it's still wet and that the break is fresh. So whatever did that was within a day or so of when you took that photo. Maybe not even the two days you allotted to it but even sooner like the night before or earlier in that morning. Question how big is that trunk its hard to tell in the photo it looks like 6 inches to me but I can't tell but I'd like to know the answer.

Curious could you take photos of the dead tree stump you say the animal keeps knocking over. I'd like to see that. I have a theory thats how it marks that he's picked up the food. Sorta like how spys leave signs that they have either made or picked up a drop. Would be interesting to me to see the stump.

The recording is really interesting. There is definitely something going on in those woods in the recording. The helicopter sounds like it goes right over your house and relatively low too. Sounds like it was either just in the woods and leaving or heading into the woods right outside your house. It could have been coincidental though because I would expect the helicopter if it were assisting the ground crew track the animal would be heard hovering around in the background during the capture in the woods of whatever the men were going after. In the recording it just comes and goes. Although at one part I swear I can hear it faintly in the distance still around. But it's possible it was used in the tracking so I say it's interesting none the less.

The men shouting is where it gets really interesting. It sounds like they are chasing after something. Sounds like the corner it. ANd I can definitely hear rifle shots going off. A few of them actually. Sounds like a 270 because it's a light crack sound when it goes off. Could be any small caliber rifle from the sound. Or it could be the sound of a rifle chambered for something bigger shooting a tranquilizer dart. So they could be hunters shooting small game like deer and raccoons. Or they are shooting something large with a tranquilizer. Whatever they are shooting at they sure seem excited about it, but at the same time professional. They are quick about whatever it is they are doing in the recording.

To me it sounds like after the shots something running through the woods breaking stuff and then crashing. Which is exactly what happens when you shoot a animal and it runs off and then succumbs moments later to the wounds ( or tranquilizer ) And crash out in the undergrowth.

The thread does bring up some interesting questions for me. The growling and tree breaking. If it is a sasquatch it's gotta know it basically in human turf and not his own. So I think its possible there are two alpha males in the area competing for the real estate and the easy meals that come with living so close to humans. Probably learned from tracking coyotes and seeing what they're eating. Since they both go after the same prey. Bit that doesn't explain why it's so aggressive with humans (growling, throwing rocks etc) in that area. Way out in the woods I could understand but across the street from a suburb. Maybe it's got a pregnant mate in the area or little kids and he/she's protecting them, but want the easy food at the same time and have chosen to stay so close to humans. Thats a behavioral mystery to me and one of the most interesting parts of this thread to me.

Who were the people in the woods? Also a major question there. They could have been doing a few different things in the woods other than tracking a sasquatch. Could have been just hunters. Did they snag a deer, a bear that was rogue, a sasquatch. Was that small caliber rifle shots or tranquilizer shots heard? If they were specifically tracking a sasquatch were they biologists on a mission. Hunters hired by someone trying to prove sasquatch? Hunters out for some sort of money bounty. Govt agents chartered to find sasquatches that get too close to humans and either cull them or take them out into the deep woods to release them?

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 08:18 AM
Lets say they do work for the govt. What does that mean that they have to trap and transport away sasquatches that get too close to society. why. WHy hide the existence of them? What don't they want us to know about the animals.

Lets just say that they are native to earth and not part of some wacky space alien theory or interdimensional spirits or whatever the native american may believe. Lets just say they are living breathing animals from the ape or hominid groups.

Why hide their existence. If they are unknown relatively harmless gentile giant apes living on the american continent then that would be something to boast not hide.

If they are relic hominids, unless the are worried about freaking out the scientific establishment or the religious types what would there be to hide about another still living hominid that didn't totally go extinct. Unless the stories about missing children in state parks are true about them actually being connected to sasquatch. But if thats the case why transport away the sasuatches, WHy not just shoot them dead and remove the evidence. SImply cull them when they get too aggressive towards humans like we do with coyotes, bears and even dogs.

THis thread brings up all of these questions for discussion. I think this is one of the best sasquatch threads here at ATS. Good work with all the uploads and posts OP.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 08:26 AM
I would recommend looking for some foot prints to make a plaster cast of, or maybe some hair samples that got snagged on a tree branch for evidence. Look for spoor samples, by closely examining their excrement you could find clues to their diet. If you do see him, try and get a really good look at him and draw a picture for us so we will finally have definitive proof of the squatch's existance.

posted on Nov, 24 2012 @ 10:53 PM
Hi did you see the leaked report about the results of a 5 year DNA test of Bigfoot samples !!!

You may find it interesting !!!

posted on Nov, 25 2012 @ 06:21 PM
reply to post by BASSPLYR

The tree stem that looked twisted off was about as thick as an average man's thigh.

As for the van and men heard on the tape, the investigator told me they were more likely a private group and not the government, but can't be sure.

It does seem like they're not afraid of humans too. I saw the outline of one's face on the forest edge just the night before Thanksgiving, so the men in vans didn't scare them. My Mom said she saw a young one with it too (we were looking through our 2nd story window with a night vision scope). I'm really glad you've enjoyed this thread too!

reply to post by fastbob72

Yes, incredible news, thanks! I like where they propose that constitutional rights be given to Sasquatch since they're "indigenous people". From my own research I've concluded they are more like people than like animals and should be treated as such.

I'm just worried that the government is going to destroy (or already has) this woman's career and business to discredit and silence her. It's not the first time this would happen.
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